4 Ideas To Help You Become Self-Employed

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A lot of highly skilled workers have been let go thanks to the ongoing pandemic around the world. As such, when the skies clear, you’re in a unique position. It’s time to find a new job, but what if you’re sick and tired of working for other people, only to be discarded when the going gets tough? Instead, perhaps this is the start of your self-employed journey?

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Is this something you’re seriously considering? Well, you can’t become self-employed without having a service to offer others. So, these ideas can help you get started:

Manual labor services

This is perhaps the oldest idea for a self-employed business. Manual labor services involve doing manual tasks for your customers. A great example of this is plumbing. You could become a self-employed plumber and offer your services to people. Set up a website, work on plumber SEO, and gradually grow your business. You fix pipes, sure up leaks, and so on. There are loads of examples of manual work that you can offer as a service. Painting, construction work, carpentry, etc.

Financial services

If you’ve been let go from your position as an accountant or other financial professional, then this idea is perfect for you. Start a business where you offer financial services to whoever requires them. You can provide budgeting tips for businesses, complete tax returns, balance books, offer financial guidance, and so on. The number of services you provide is endless and is only limited by what advice you’re qualified to give. A benefit of this option is that financial services don’t cost much money. So, if you’re worried about the financial side of being self-employed, then this is an idea with limited expenses.

Creative services

Much like manual labor services, creative services span different industries. Here, we’re looking at ideas that are, well, creative. That includes things like graphic design, web design, content writing, etc. The creative industry as a whole is booming right now, so these services are in-demand. You could also sneak marketing services in here as some may argue that’s somewhat creative.

Grooming services

Finally, we have grooming services. This can be for both humans and animals! Have you always had a passion for cutting your dog’s hair and making them look nice? Did people compliment how amazing they always looked? If so, then a dog grooming business might be perfect for you. Similarly, have you had to cut yours and your family’s hair during quarantine? Maybe you’ve discovered a hidden talent! As such, starting your own mobile hairdressing or grooming business could be right up your street. You get the idea!

You’ve only got four ideas here, but you can already see the amazing opportunities on the horizon. If you don’t think you fit into any of these categories, then that’s fine. We’re all different, and we all have different skills. In which case, start by asking yourself what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing. This will help you find a service that you both excel in and will enjoy providing people. Now, you can become self-employed!

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