Is Working From Home Good For Your Business?

If you have an idea for a small business, then there will come a point in that planning where you will decide where to set up your business. Will you start your business from home or look to rent an office space? You can even just rent a few desks in existing office spaces, which is growing with popularity, for sure. Of course, one of the simplest ways, and most affordable, is to start your business from home. So, what is stopping you?

When you start your business from home, it can mean good things for your flexible working and work and life balance. Your commute could be just back upstairs to use your computer. So there are many good reasons why working from home can be a good thing. In fact, if you don’t have space, or have outgrown the space, you could even look for an affordable house and land to be able to extend the space that you have. If you can create a dedicated office space, storage space, or design studio (whatever your business is), it can mean good things for the growth of your business. You can easily check in and out of the office too, as it is right by where you live.

working from home

What are the other benefits from working from home? Here are some proven things to think about.

More Productive

Often people think that if they work from home there will be too many distractions for them to get anything done. But the truth is that when you work from home, it has been shown to make you more productive than your counterparts that are in an office. You can keep your head down and get on with the job in hand. There are less people to distract you, and you can plan your day around what you need to do. When you’re in an office, there can be more people to talk to, as well as general life admin that can distract you.

Fewer Sick Days

When you can roll out of bed at any time that you want (providing that you don’t have calls or video meetings scheduled), you can take some extra time if you are feeling a little under the weather. You don’t have to report to anyone, and because of the flexibility of it all, you can start the day when you want to if you feel a little unwell. And for things that aren’t too extreme, like a cold, you can still get some work done at home as you’re only mildly unwell, without bothering everyone else in the office.

Larger Talent Pool

If you get to the point in your business where you need to hire people, then working from home means that you can hire pretty much anyone and from anywhere. You can call and email if the business means they can work remotely, so it increases the number of people that could apply. If a job is location based, then it does limit who can apply. So, working from home can mean that you can recruit some real talent to help you to grow the business.