Trade Show 101: A Guide to Unique Trade Show Giveaways

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Ready to get noticed at your next trade show? Read this blog and get ideas for unique trade show giveaways that are sure to make you stand out.

Tradeshows are big business generating more than $12.8 billion in revenue in 2016. Tradeshows have continued to grow significantly over the last 2 years.

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If you use tradeshows in your marketing strategy you need to make your giveaways stand apart from the crowd. Read on to learn about some unique tradeshow giveaways that will increase your return on investment.

Unique Tradeshow Giveaways

If you usually giveaway pens or water bottles, it is time to up your giveaway game. You want to make your giveaways unique to pull people into your booth.

Your giveaways should also be needed and frequently used. This will keep your company on the top of customers’ mind.

We have put some thoughts below, but be creative as there may be something that is specific to your company or industry that will wow your customers.

Cord Wrap/Earphone Organizer

In today’s tech focus society, we all have earphones and charging cords that need to be managed. This giveaway is perfect for long term brand visibility.

You can order these in bulk and use in multiple ways after your tradeshow. Cord organizers are small and lightweight and can be mailed out as thank you’ s or as an added bonus for customers.

You can even up your game for your VIP organizers and give a charger or earphones along with the organizer.

Customizable Reusable Straw

Everyone is aware of the plastic that makes its way to our oceans. So many are jumping on the plastic straw bandwagon. Because so many people are looking to do things for the environment, a reusable straw is a welcome giveaway.

If you work in the restaurant or bar industry, consider adding a coupon for a free drink or discount when they bring in their straw.

Regardless of the item that you giveaway you want it to be personalized with your company logo or message. You can use a label maker to add your logo to giveaways or products.

High-End Giveaways for Raffles and VIP Customers

Free giveaways are great, but consider expanding the types of giveaways you try. If you raffle a high-ticket item, you can use the giveaway as a lead generator.

You can also have individuals play trivia games associated with your products or services. Those who know the most can win a higher-end giveaway. You have now educated your customers on the benefits of working with you.

Finally, if you have VIP Customers, investors, or potential partners, higher-end giveaways are the way to go.

Tritan™ Bop Bluetooth® Speaker Water Bottle

While using a basic water bottle as a giveaway is simply, basic. Consider a high-end water bottle that has a tech angle.

This water bottle has a wireless speaker built into the lid. This is perfect for the gym or beach as it has 3-4 hours of playtime.

Make sure you charge the speaker before you give them away so that your customers do not have to wait to use it.

Tablet Messenger Bag

You will see many reusable totes at the trade show, but how many people will continue to use them daily after the event is over?

Stylish bags that will carry a computer or tablet will be used regularly which will put your company front and center regularly. These bags are stylish and appreciated.

You want to make sure you get the biggest return for your investment when using giveaways as part of your marketing strategy. Be creative and think about what your customers will use on a regular basis, then your giveaways will never fail.

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