Why Businesses that Spend More for Quality Get Better Sales

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Quality is king in the business world. Today’s consumers have high expectations for receiving quality goods and services, especially when paying premium prices. Contrary to what it may seem, people are willing to pay more for quality, which means there’s an opportunity for you to make more sales by raising your standards.

Customers want quality products and services

Products that don’t last long and fall apart too easily don’t create repeat or loyal customers. If someone buys something they believe is going to be durable and high-quality, and they end up disappointed, they’re not going to do business with that company or brand again. Worse, they’ll warn other people not to buy from that company by sharing their experience in online reviews.

Although quality can be subjective to a degree, the general concept of quality is rooted in the idea that a product should function as advertised and shouldn’t fall apart right out of the box. Dollar store items are expected to be of lower quality, but they are not advertised as anything more than simple, cheap items; customers don’t feel misled when they buy a $1 broom and the handle breaks after a few days.

Customers promote high-quality products

Your customers are more likely to promote your products and services to others when they are highly satisfied with the value they’ve received for their purchase. Most of the time, customers are fast to leave negative reviews, but it takes a highly positive experience to motivate a positive review.

Word-of-mouth is your most impactful form of advertising, and high-quality products inspire people to say amazing things about your brand, which will get other people interested in buying from you. Disappointment kills sales because a disappointed customer isn’t going to share positive things about their experience with your brand. If you want people to rave about you, it’s crucial that you sell only the best quality products.

For example, if you sell whiteboards (dry erase boards), you’ve probably seen a large price difference in wholesale items. That’s because whiteboard quality varies drastically depending on how it’s constructed and what type of coating is applied. High-quality coil-applied coatings that erase easily and don’t ghost are automatically going to be more expensive, but are worth the extra cost. If this is the type of product you sell, since most whiteboards ghost and are hard to clean, you’re going to get more sales when word gets around that your product has the features people really want.

Employees perform better with quality tools and support

The quality of the tools and software you provide for your employees also has an impact on sales. For example, your team members will be more efficient when they have the right devices and other necessary equipment. 

This might include high-quality laptops or desktop computers, a good tablet, a nice handheld scanner, and chairs that are comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. It also might include using industry-standard software that makes their workflow easy rather than using free or cheap software that creates frustration from not being user-friendly or intuitive.

When you provide your employees with quality tools, they’re going to do a better job, get work done faster, and that ultimately supports your sales.

Quality allows you to charge more

Last, but not least, having high-quality products and services allows you to charge more per sale. When other businesses are focusing on quantity, they’re relying on generating numerous sales in order to meet their profit goals. 

On the other hand, when you make quality your main focus, you have the ability to charge more. Instead of needing to generate thousands of sales to make your monthly goal, you may only need to make ten sales, depending on what you’re selling.

Going cheap has many hidden costs, including the possibility of having to pay twice to have work done that wasn’t completed correctly the first time. If you’re not careful, you might even find yourself being named in a lawsuit down the road.

Sales are tied to quality

Growing your business requires investing time, energy, and money. It’s going to cost more to run a business that maintains a position of authority and leadership in your industry. No matter what type of business you run, producing quality products and services for your customers will have a direct impact on your sales. Higher quality products are a requirement for sustaining sales long-term.

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