6 Great Ways a Business Can Benefit from Having a Raspberry Pi

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  • There are a lot of great benefits of using the Raspberry Pi to help run your business.

There are a lot of things that every startup should have. One important asset that you can’t overlook is the right mobile device. The Raspberry Pi is a great example.

The great Raspberry Pi series of computers are just as tasty as its baked namesake when it comes to business productivity enhancements.  Here are 6 great ways that a business can benefit from having a Raspberry Pi. Just remember to always purchase from a reputable seller such as The Pi Hut.

Cost and Space Efficient

Credit card sized and with full capability of a desktop computer plus external interaction potential for ‘real world’ applications, a Raspberry Pi offers a tidy, flexible and most importantly highly cost-effective solution for general business computing.  Used in areas where a full PC might be overkill – such as employee and organization productivity dashboards – it can help effectively streamline hardware costs.

Using a micro-SD card to serve as a hard drive and operating system, and simple connections for standard external devices, such as a mouse, keyboard and USB power supply, is space saving, portable and cost effective; all vital attributes for modern business equipment. It also opens up a vast potential for more complex business projects.


Although physically small and unassuming, Raspberry Pi packs a punch when it comes to potential applications, including (but not limited to): web hosting, security monitoring, video conferencing, secure mail server, office-based tasks. It even has more indulgent applications such as electrical equipment automation so you never have to be without a full coffee machine! 

The breadth and success of application possibilities depends largely on the ability of its programmer, but it’s simple design (created with design development in mind), paired with a wide range of learning support offered online, makes it fully accessible and versatile.  There are many versions and lots of advice available, allowing you to make the right choices for individual requirements.

Team Building Potential

Simplistic design aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of computing, and making programming widely accessible, allows the use of a Raspberry Pi to engage employees in creative team building exercises with seemingly endless possibilities.  Whether your organisation needs to build a maker mind-set and challenge existing talent, or you simply want to develop a functional solution to a novel problem (there’s that coffee machine again!), a Raspberry Pi can offer a different and interesting practical activity for team building at minimal cost with maximum satisfaction.

Ease of Use

Raspberry Pi is one of the most accessible circuit boards, for use at all skill levels, not just for IT based organizations. Simplistic design and online learning materials enable varied and flexible self-design.

‘Real World’ Capability

Easily build and program external interactions enabling office-based task efficiency, security applications, remote access to company files or logistics, for example, without the need for separate PCs.

You will also find that there are a lot of great mobile applications that you can take advantage of. The Raspberry Pi has some very helpful ones.

Web Server or Social Media Bot

Using a Raspberry Pi as a web server, social media bot, or secure mail server enables flexible use, potentially higher security, and increased productivity by allowing remote access and automated publishing.

Whether your business computing requirements are complex and copious, or you simply want to streamline a few areas with some self-designed automation, Raspberry Pi can be endlessly beneficial to all kinds of businesses.

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