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5 Virtual Reality Startups That Everyone Is Talking About Right Now!

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Virtual Reality is basically technology that uses the state of art motion sensing and speed recognition software. The sources of VR aren’t that difficult to use at it is sort of mobile and can familiarize with people who use mobile devices. Virtual Reality is truly the future of startups. This point is made due to the many fresh and upcoming VR startups. Here, we shall look at five such ones that are the hottest.

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1. Lucid Virtual Reality

With this device, you can easily capture the world in 3D VR 180. The startup came up with the idea of the world’s first true VR camera ever created. What’s better is that it has incredibly convenient features. The Lucid VR camera is about the size of a mobile phone. It is portable and mountable as well. The camera gives the user an opportunity to use the technology of immersed video. The company is based in San Francisco which is in the US. They are known for making extremely wide-angle cameras with VR technology. Although the startup has been around for only two years, they are determined to create even better forms of VR in the future.

2. Altspace Virtual Reality

This is an avatar-based startup that was linked to a huge social media website not too long ago. Yes, you’ve guessed it. Facebook collaborated with VR giant Oculus in order to add something new and fresh to the social media website. Facebook came up with certain VR avatars for the website that were available to whoever used it. The startup, Altspace VR came up with the idea and has done tremendously. Before the release of the avatars, people wondered what would come out of this unusual collaboration. But of course, the results were good and is actually a good addition to the website. Speaking of the Real New World, VR is the epitome of it today.

3. Global DJ

This startup and its devices seem straight out of a Spy Kids movie. Global DJ has dedicated itself to making things more convenient and exciting for music lovers all over the world. Based in Ukraine, one of the startup’s best releases so far is the Tornado A1-Music Gloves.  These gloves take any electronic music to the very next level. With these, you will be able to control anything from not only your beats, but even the lights! This is a really cool and super beneficial item for DJs as you can easily control something if it goes wrong.

4. Hauoli Technology.

Have a speaker, microphone and a mobile phone? Then this startup’s device might be of some use to you. Hauoli Technology has released a software using which one can control things like drones from just a mobile device! It even has the ability to control video games. The sky’s the limit for this startup. What’s more interesting is that they use sound technology instead of visual interface whilst using VR. After being unveiled at the SXSW expo, it has lifted a few eyebrows, but in the best of ways. The best thing about this software is that you don’t need any extra equipment to use it.

5. Bridge

True to its name, this startup has found a unique way to bridge the gap between virtual and augmented reality. They use a certain mobile positional tracking hardware called, appropriately, the Bridge. What the technology lets you do, is project virtual information into the real world. However, the real point of this is that it lets you do it in real time. As in, the virtual information that you project would reach you in the real world in real time. This technology is available for iPhone users and is currently available for purchase. This type of devices can shape the status of VR in the future.

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