Four Tips that Will Make or Break Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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There are currently well over 1 billion websites circulating on the internet. That’s a lot to choose from. To encourage people to use your website over any other it is necessary to implement a rigorous marketing strategy to boost your site’s visibility, trustworthiness and prestige. There are many tips and tricks for marketing a website, but increasingly the most effective tip is to create honest, innovative and exciting content that encourages users to return time and again to your blog and store.

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Video is gaining quite a head of steam on social media platforms, and this can be translated to any website as the trend develops and becomes the norm. Video keeps users engaged for much longer than an image, and there is a notion of ‘truth’ to video that is lacking with photos posted online that can be doctored. Of course, there is little purpose in posting an irrelevant video on to your website simply for SEO purposes. But it is worth investing in a short-animated film for your website if it is lacking in multimedia – animations can by their nature be about anything.

Keep Content Relevant

Regularly updating content on your website is one of the best tips for improving the chance that users will return to your website. One answer to the demands of constant content creation are services that offer SEO and specialist marketing services like Blackbelt Commerce. They’ll help you curate a host of content that helps you draw in consumers. They’ll also help you to measure the results, which means you’ll know what your ROI is ahead of time.

Engage with your Users

Utilize free and popular platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to engage users directly. Personalization is one of the biggest marketing trends for 2018 and the best place to have an open discussion with people who enjoy what you are selling or publishing online is over social media. There are many ways you can link your social media back to your website for promotional endeavors and vice versa. Be sure to use the social media platform that your target audience is most likely to engage with. If your target audience is a little on the older side, it’s important to recall that over-35s are less likely to use Snapchat than younger counterparts, for instance.

Don’t Forget About Email

Although this marketing technique has been in use for many years, there are dozens of reasons why email is the locomotive of digital marketing. One trending marketing technique, used on an array of sites, is a simple yet effective ‘Pop Up’ when users are browsing. This often covers the whole screen and encourages users to hand over their email address while they are enjoying the content of your website. If they are interested they will supply their details, if not they will simply close it. There is no harm done when using a tasteful pop-up. Email-sending etiquette, however, requires a delicate balance of marketing wisely so that you don’t alienate recipients who interpret your mail as spam.

It is simple to implement any of these marketing strategies to improve your website, or simply to increase the traffic on it, but the maintenance of the site is imperative for any of these strategies to be most successful.

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