Is SEO Real Or A Marketing Meme?

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SEO. If you know the smallest amount about marketing, it’s likely you know what this is. If you don’t, let us explain. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s basically the method which dictates how popular any given post or video will be on Google search rankings. The better the SEO, the higher the search rankings. Let’s say that someone searches ‘Facebook’ into Google. Of course, the highest result will always be the main Facebook website. From there, other official Facebook links are given, such as their Twitter and Instagram. From there, likely news about Facebook.

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But which news sources and other articles are raised more highly? Well, usually the ones with quality content, little ads, and limited affiliate marketing. But, using the right firm with stellar SEO services, you might be able to gain a higher ranking for your affiliate marketing. This allows for an organic and natural method of gaining viewership, as technically you’re not inserting any advertising directly in front of someone’s face. You’re smartly and correctly presenting it to the chosen recipient who is already interested in clicking on the article in question.

To use another example, imagine clicking on a mountain boots web page, which features a blog post detailing the best boots of 2017. A shoe repair service might insert and pay for their affiliate marketing to be featured in this article. Is that a blunt way of marketing? Not at all. It assumes that the person visiting will one day need shoe repair services, as mountain boots are often subject to extreme and harsh pressure.

But is SEO real or a marketing meme? How effective is it really? Should you bother trying to artificially produce SEO content, or should you try and save your money in investment? Well, overall SEO can be a great boon, particularly if you use it intelligently.

To do this, you must consider where your SEO goes. Often, SEO firms prescribe your affiliate links to take place on blogs that your target audience is likely to visit. They will compile a library of such online publications, and try to conform your marketing within those parameters. You do need to be very clear about where you’d prefer your links to go. SEO is only worthwhile if it’s injected in the right places. It must also be voluminous. It’s much better to purchase larger amounts of client outreach to be hosted on multiple blogs, rather than curating one article for one blog.

SEO should be considered like a net. The best SEO is the SEO which reaches the deepest down in the ocean with the widest possible net, as this is most likely to attract more eyes and retain the catch. It must also be intelligent. If coupled with an article people believe to be useful, they are much more likely to see your product in a positive light. Remember, people often make purchases with emotions and not pure rationality. SEO approaches like a friend would, helping the reader with an issue while also suggesting something that can help them out. If you’re able to maximize this, and demand this form of content from the SEO firm you hire, you can truly raise the Google ranks.

So in short, yes, SEO is worth it. But just like any tool, it’s all about how intelligently you use it.

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