Ready, Steady, Go! Master The Art of Customer Service

Customer service is the art of ensuring your clients are happy with the services you provide. And they shouldn’t be just happy; they should be over the moon with these. You might have a wide catalogue of products and services you offer but without the personal touch, your company could face unnecessary struggles that might force it to set back.

Brands know how important it is to prioritize customers and make them feel they are an integral part of their business, which let’s face it, they are. Big companies invest millions of dollars making their clients happy so that they keep coming back, but if you are clever, keeping your customers satisfied will not cost you much.

customer service
Your customers are your foundation; make sure you show them your full appreciation – Shutterstock Image

Send your clients season greetings

Online or offline, sending your customers those special Christmas or Easter greetings every year will ensure they feel remembered and appreciated. If you feel like sending these out through the post, The Greeting Card Shop will print and mail them out for you. They have a wide range of cards to choose from on their website.

Remind your customers when a good offer is in place

Your customers don’t necessarily know of the deals you have in store unless they are reminded of them. A good way of doing this is by sending them an email every time you have a new product or offer from which they could benefit.

In today’s diversified business world, solutions exist for every imaginable niche. Salon Iris has come up with an award-winning Salon Software that will help you manage your database and help you create newsletters you can send to your customers. Just find the solution for your specific service and away you go!

Offer your customers a mini-gift from time to time

Clients keep your business going and that is why, aside from investing in your business, they should be offered a little something from time to time. This could be appealing stationary with the name of your business on it or samples of the products you sell. To get your inspiration going, you can have a look at Personal Creations. They have a nice range of gifts you can personalize through their website.

Get to know your clients better

Invest time memorizing your clients and what they look like. This way, you won’t be at fault for forgetting their names or the minuscule but important details that make up their lives. Write down every single piece of vital information they share with you so that you can bring this up in future conversations. Remember, familiarity is key!

Adopt excellent telephone manners

Your customers should be delighted to pick up the phone and talk to you when they need to book your services. As a result, you should be a pleasure to engage with. If you are unsure of how to go about providing the best over-the-phone customer service, follow these simple tips on how to engage with your customers.

The secret to a successful business? Make sure your customers never forget how you made them feel. As Maya Angelou once said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. Practice this every day and your customers will keep coming back to you.