One Simple Move to Boost Growth in 2018

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There are a lot of ways you can describe the world domination of smartphones. Some will be celebratory and joyous, others may go the other way and highlight the over-dependence we all have them; the addiction society has developed. Whatever your sway, one thing is utterly undeniable: they are ubiquitous. Period. And that is why you and your business need to be thinking about launching an app.

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That’s right. We said an app.

Yes, a few moons ago this direction was reserved for a) mobile games, b) large corporations and c) social media companies. But the tides have changed and that “ace in the whole” the bigger competitors used to have has now disappeared. A few taps on your keyboard and you can hire a digital agency to develop you an app which, in short, will help boost your customer engagement, enhance your service and support, better your promotions and enhance online sales.

Of course, you may need encouragement than that, so here are the main reasons why your business needs an app in 2018:

1. Be Mr Or Mrs Visible

The average person spends well over two hours on their phone each day. Multiply that by the billion smartphones and you can understand how an app might become a big part of your marketing and engagement strategy. Imagine how many eyes will see your logo as they scroll through the pages on their phone. Wow, huh?

2. Market To The Right People

An app taps into a smartphone’s ability to record data, such as location and age and gender and whatever else. That means you will be able to identify your demographic with much more clarity, and then supply information to them based on this info. Prices, products, individual needs. All of it.

3. Make Your Brand Connect

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A billboard is fine, but it is a little archaic. It is a little bit like using a Spinning Jenny in an IT class. Instead, you should spend that money on developing an app with attractive features and an attractive interface because this will connect with a lot more success. The trick is to make people engage. That could be done through gamification, loyalty rewards or push notifications.

4. Make Yourself Known

There is a shift happening, but it hasn’t transcended all business’ yet. That is why you should act now and use an app to get ahead of the curb. Soon enough, you will need an app to keep up. Get ahead of the curve and use this as a way of upping your communication with customers and the marketing you put in front of them. Act now and you have a far better chance of getting the whole market share. It doesn’t matter if you are in lawn care with an engaging blog or a fashion with an e-commerce store. You can become a leader with an app.

5. Go And Socialize

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The apps that seem to succeed fastest are those that incorporate some element of social media. It could be having a leaderboard or being able to see what friends have been doing, or what tips they suggest. It could be in-app messaging, liking, uploading photos, commenting on things or anything. Social works wonders. That’s what you need to remember.

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