Are You Making These Critical Marketing Mistakes?

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If your marketing campaign is not delivering the results you had hoped for, it is time to assess where you are going wrong. A lot of business owners are making critical marketing mistakes without realizing it, and this is costing them a lot of time, money, and sales. Find out whether you are guilty of making any of them below…

critical marketing mistakes to avoid

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Not addressing your customer’s true motivation – This is one of the biggest mistakes that business owners make. A lot of business owners are guilty of marketing what they want to sell, rather than giving their customers what they want. You need to carefully research what your customers need. You need to address a problem they are experiencing. The only way you will get your marketing strategy right is if you are viewing it from the customer’s perspective.

Not being consistent – Marketing is all about consistency. A consistent feel and look to your brand is a necessity, from the tone of language you use to your marketing materials. This is the only way to achieve the best results. If your marketing message is inconsistent, you need to get some symmetry in place. This can easily happen if you are outsourcing various parts of your marketing strategy to different firms.

Confusing a tactic with a strategy – A lot of marketing campaigns fail because business owners focus on a tactic without having an overarching strategy. Marketing involves a number of different tactics. It is complicated and is made up of various segments that work towards the overall strategic goal. It is important to recognise that the tactics that work today are unlikely to work in the long run if you do not understand how the tactic fits into your marketing ecosystem to achieve your desired goal.

Overlooking PPV advertising – Pay-per-view advertising is a great option for businesses to consider, as you are only going to pay based on the traffic that is generated. This means that you get real value for money. See how PPV marketing really works to find out whether it is right for your business. A lot of company owners do not give it the time of day. However, you may find that this is the piece of the puzzle that your business is currently missing.

You don’t update your SEO strategy – SEO should never be viewed as a one-off event; it is an on-going service. Whenever Google releases an algorithm update, you need to adapt your SEO strategy to ensure your ranking does not suffer because of the new updates. You can find out more about Google algorithm updates here. Take the update that occurred at the start of 2017 as a prime example. This Google update meant that mobile websites that featured intrusive pop-ups would get a negative ranking. If people head to your mobile website and they see a pop-up advert before they see any content, it will now hurt your SEO campaign. This shows why it is important to adapt your SEO plan regularly.

Failing to pay attention to your analytics – There is no such thing as set it and forget it when it comes to digital marketing. Constant oversight and maintenance are required for your campaigns. This means checking in frequently to measure performance. You need to pay attention to macro trends and focus on the whole picture when it comes to channel and campaign performance.

Failing to set goals – You have no doubt heard the following phrase; failure to plan, and you plan to fail. This can be directly applied to digital marketing campaigns. Your campaigns will fail if you don’t set goals. After all, you will never be able to assess the performance of your marketing strategy if you have not set measurable goals so that you can determine where you are getting it right and where improvements must be made.

Using social media for a string of promotional messages – Social media is an extremely powerful tool, which all businesses need to make the most of. Nevertheless, one thing you should certainly not do is just post a string of promotional tweets or Facebook statuses. Social media is about connecting with your customers and enabling them to get closer to your brand than ever before. Engage with them on a real level in order to build loyal relationships. Answer their queries and concerns too, like a customer service platform. Don’t merely tell them where they can get your products and how much for! If you do this, you will only end up hurting your brand image.

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