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Keeping Up to Date with IT for Your Small Business

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Technology is constantly changing and being updated. This has had profound effects on all sorts of areas within our lives over the past decade or so. But one area that has had to adapt to these changes more closely than any other is the business sector. For a business to succeed, it has to be flexible. To change and mould itself around market interests. To center itself around what customers want and need. After all, if you are stubborn as a business owner and refuse to change with the times, you’ll simply end up going bankrupt! It’s as simple as that! So, if you feel you need to update the way that you work and operate your business, you’re in the right place. We’re here to help! Here’s absolutely everything you need to know about keeping up to date with all things IT.

IT for small business

What is IT?

IT is short for information technology. It essentially pertains to anything involving the management and processing of information within your company. Nowadays, most of these things take place on computer systems or online. While larger companies have in-house IT departments, smaller businesses tend to take one of two alternative options. Either the business owner has the relevant experience and qualifications to deal with IT issues themselves, or they outsource.


Now, while the basics of IT can be easily comprehensible, in-depth details when problems arise can prove to be really complex. You may need specialist knowledge, or a higher education in computer systems and web systems to be able to rectify faults with various areas of IT. Sadly, not many of us have the time or funds to go about this at the same time as operating our business. The good news? You can outsource. This essentially means handing over responsibility for the safe keeping of your IT systems to an independent third party. While you may feel a little out of control with this, a good IT solution company can keep you in the loop, while taking the hard work and 24/7 monitoring of IT systems out of your hands. What’s more? Reliable companies, such as netstar IT support, can use their expertise to encourage business growth, provide data security, and  improve your business’ tech efficiency all at the same time as providing reliable, easily understandable general support.

Social Media

Once you’re setup and your IT is taken care of, it’s time to start testing the waters of social media. Your accounts and systems should now be protected and safe, reducing the risk of people hacking into your accounts. So why opt for social media as the first of your tech based business adventures? Well, you should always remember that social media is an extremely powerful business tool. Nowadays, most major brands and companies have social media feeds for their businesses. Each uses this in its own way. From straight cut, professional approaches, to the laid back and comical approach of brands such as Denny’s. How you approach the management of your social media depends entirely on what kind of brand image you want to put across to the consumer market. Generally, it’s best to take a professional approach. This will usually result in fewer problems when it comes to offending consumers or making major mistakes that could tar your brand name.

social media strategy

Social Media Strategy – GraphicStock


Facebook is perhaps the most popular means of social media. Most people have a personal profile. However, business profiles can easily be set up for your brand. Use your brand logo as a profile picture, add details of your opening hours, your business contact details, and your business address. This means that people can get in touch with you easily to make inquiries. You can also add means for existing customers to leave reviews of your products or services. This gives future potential buyers confidence in your capabilities and what you provide.


Twitter is a platform that allows people to share their thoughts in a succinct 140 character word count. You can use a business profile on this site to make short and sweet announcements, such as product launches, sales, and discounts. You can also use it to communicate with customers or the target market, answering queries about your goods, policies, and services.


Instagram is an altogether more visual platform. It’s the perfect place to share images of what you have to offer. Upload professional photographs of your stock, your store, and anything else that you might like to share with the online world. You can also make use of Instagram stories for short shots of what your business is all about.


All three of these popular platforms can serve as a free form of advertising. Anybody could stumble across your feed and find that they’re interested in your wares. However, you also have the option of paying for advertising, getting your products featured on individual users’ explore pages, newsfeeds, or on other areas of the given site or app. This boosts your views and the amount of traffic that is actively directed towards your page. Most of the time, this is definitely worth the investment.

Document Storage

Another thing to focus on once your systems are secure is document storage. Long gone are the days of mounds of paperwork and physical files. Instead, you can store pretty much anything you could possible ever need on your computer or laptop device. The problem with this is that you may be storing pretty sensitive data. This could be your own data (for example, business account email addresses, passwords, and much more) or customer data from completed sales. Should hackers be able to get a hold of this, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble. However, with secure IT systems, you shouldn’t have a single worry. Everything can be stored away safe and sound, giving you peace of mind. Just remember to try to stay as organised as possible. Your files may now be virtual, but you will still want to be able to locate them and pull them up as and when needs be.

These are just a few reasons to keep on top of IT within your small business. It could make all the difference to how you work!

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