How to Keep Your Employees Safe and Healthy When Working in the Office

Running your own business can come with its perks. You get to run your own team, manage your business building and even work your own hours. It’s also your job to make sure that your team are as happy and as healthy as possible while working for you as well, and there are a few things that you can do to make this happen.

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Eliminate Any Unhealthy Habits

It is more than possible for you to try and encourage your employees to eliminate any unhealthy habits. You can even make it a company policy, where you offer to pay towards a “stop smoking” program. Serving healthy food in the company cafeteria is also a step forward, not to mention that you can also replace the junk food in the vending machine with much healthier alternatives. Drug testing is something else you might want to consider so that you can give those who need help the guidance and support they need.

Do it All for Charity

Choose a charity and sponsor a walking event. Encourage your team to join in, print out some t-shirts and set a good example. This will all be for a good cause and it will also demonstrate good corporate citizenship. Things like this can also really boost team morale and this is especially the case if your team are the ones who have chosen the charity to raise money for.

Try and Encourage Good Health

Maintain the health of your team by offering walking time every day. You might also want to look into ergonomic office chairs, wrist rests, comfortable keyboards and even flexible working spaces. If you want to take things to that next level then consider looking into providing regular breaks and offer them the chance to unwind in one of the spare rooms that isn’t being used right now.

Wellness Programs

A lot of employees want to lower their health costs and it is possible for you to help them with this. Consider adding some health incentives into your own company coverage. This will encourage your team to look after themselves and it will also help them to maintain a sensible lifestyle.


It’s so important that you check your HVAC system. Mould, spores and bacteria can really accumulate here and if you don’t get it cleaned on a regular basis then this can cause illness and even fatigue as well. There are so many commercial HVAC contractors out there who can help you with this if you are worried.


Your team won’t cycle to work if you don’t provide them with anywhere to store their bike. Consider setting up your own bicycle storage area, or even let your team store their bikes in the office. When you do this, you can make the whole thing way more secure and you can also help them to arrive at work energized. This will also reduce their stress levels as well because they won’t be spending hours in traffic trying to beat the morning rush.