How Customized Popsocket Giveaways Are Great For Promoting Brands?

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Popsocket is phone grip as well as phone stand. It expands and collapses because it uses an accordion mechanism. It pops whenever users need –

  • A grip – Users can hold phone securely to call, surf, text, look at images, and take selfies. Hands feel relaxed, while keeping the grip firm on the cell phone.
  • A stand – Use it as a phone stand, so as to pop up phone in portrait or landscape position. Kids will find gaming more enjoyable by adding popsockets to their tablets.
  • A headset management system – Extendable popsockets are great earbud management as they serve fidget friendly popping and relive the stress.
Popsocket Giveaways

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Popsocket is flexible and gets attached to majority of tablets, cases, and phones at the backside. Waterproof and silicone cases are an exception. You can remove them with ease and even reposition them over and over.

Popsocket for branding

Mobile device backside is a valuable asset associated with branding. Average person makes roughly 7 to 8 thousand texts and/or calls annually. They are cheapest advertisement tool, when compared to commercials. Promotional popsockets with your logo can cost very low per unit. It means the more the order…… the lower the prices!

You can look for online suppliers offering free shipping. Just attach your logo in vector format with good resolution and email them. They will offer virtual mockup, so you get an idea how it looks or need any changes. Contact them and get to know about the process.

This 1.5” diameter tool is loaded with bill-board size punch. Your branding will be escalated to a great level with colored logo design imprinted on the popsocket flat surface. Just count the number of times you see the backside of your friends, colleagues or someone else’s phone, while sitting in meetings, walking around the mall, riding the subway and more. It creates a lot of exposure.

How popsocket stick to glass or silicone surface on the backside?

If you use a glass back protector or silicone case of iPhone then there will be a special adhesive disc, which needs to be attached to back side prior attaching popsocket gripper. The glass backs have anti-fingerprint coatings, so the popsocket does not stick, so an adhesive disc is necessary.

  • Pull the liner carefully form the disc and expose the adhesive side. You can use finger nails to separate the liner.
  • Adhesive disc has to be attached on your phone’s backside. Smooth it carefully, so there are no air bubbles.
  • The popsocket grip has a film, which has to be removed and mounted on the disc center.
  • It is ready to be used…so simple!

Can popsocket be removed and reused?

Customized popsocket is durable. They can be reused, so the impact of your branding is long. Slowly peel the adhesive disc. Never pull popsocket grip. After removing the disc transfer it to new device rapidly, so the sticky thing does not dry away. If you have trouble re-sticking it then run it under water, allow it to dry. Now, it is ready to get re-stuck.

Have popsocket customized and distribute them in trade shows, campus visit, company picnic, or as seminar giveaway!

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