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Key Guidelines for Creating Excellent Symmetry with Your Subcontractors

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When we think of business recruitment, it is easy to think of it within narrow lines. A full-time or part-time employee who works on a daily or weekly basis, given a salary or an hourly payment, subject to the benefits of a recruitment package or not. We think of them as being there on a permanent basis until they are let go or resign. However, this is of course an incredibly narrow perspective to have on recruitment, and barely covers the full scope of considerations worth thinking about.

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After all, subcontractors are known for providing much of the forward drive in many business applications, be that for online work, contract work on a case-by-case basis, or even consultancy gigs where expertise serves as the value given. Managing subcontracting staff well is important, because it means that a range of talented self-employed individuals will be happy to work with you should you need them, or that you will continue to have a good working relationship with those brought on for set individual projects.

With the following advice, we’ll help you manage this well:

Keep Clear, Consistent Communication For Off-Site Workers

When dealing with online subcontractors, in this case perhaps artists or writers, we would recommend keeping your communication lines open at all times. A dedicated staff member who is able to communicate with all the professionals you have hired is a great idea, because they can assign tasks, allocate work, and gain instantaneous feedback if any issues are found. For example, it might be that a writer’s brief needs to change, or that you need to help fine tune their work to become more appropriate for your ends. We would recommend online suites that are comprehensive, such as Google’s Gmail, Hangouts and document editing or notes set of features.

Have Everything Set In Stone

When dealing with a recruitment process, it can be easy to forgo the important details, particularly when dealing with somewhat inexperienced subcontractors. How are you to pay them, and when is payment due? How many revisions are you permitted to ask them to make? For example, a graphic designer might happily work within one or two free large revisions, but past that you might incur extra costs. When you have everything set in stone and both parties crystal clear as to the terms they should follow, your chance of experiencing difficulty reduces to an acceptable level.

Pay Immediately & Keep A Library Of Contacts

When you pay invoices immediately, thank professionals for their work, develop healthy communication with them and are able to effectively communicate your needs as discussed, you will gain a reputation for being easy to deal with, polite, and fair. This may help those with more experience or longer waitlists wish to prioritize you as a company to work for, and this can only put you in a worthwhile position. This is especially true when you need to manage a team. Using contract management software, you can be sharper, clearer, and more organized than even the best freelancer. This will help mutual respect blossom.

With this advice, you’re certain to manage subcontracted staff correctly.

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