Decorative Faux Pas You Might Be Making In Your Office

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While the office isn’t a place that you would usually think of admiring, it needs to have the right decorative qualities so that you can boost concentration, productivity, and also ensure that you and your members of staff are able to work without being hindered by anything around the room. Something as simple as the wrong lighting can really affect one’s ability to work productively, so take a look at these decorative faux pas that you might be making in your office so that you can make necessary changes.

decorative faux pas

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We touched on lighting above, and lights that are either too bright or too dim can cause people to have headaches because they are either squinting to see what they are doing, or the glare is too bright from the lights. A great form of lighting for offices is panel lighting, because they distribute light more evenly. This is due to the larger surface area, and the ‘bulb’ is misty so you can avoid any unnecessary glare coming off it. Panel lighting also makes offices look more professional and don’t emit much heat, so the room won’t become too warm from the lighting, unlike spotlights.

The type of flooring is another thing that you might be making a mistake with. While carpet makes a room feel cozier, it can be inconvenient if any spills are made, or any small bits of stationery are dropped onto it. Rather than carpets in your office, consider taking a look at floor systems that offer stylish hardwood flooring for your office. It’s fairly inexpensive and mega hard wearing, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon. Another bonus? They are much easier to keep clean, especially if any mess is made on the floor!

The decor in your office should be kept simple. Neutral colors are less likely to distract someone from their work and also less likely to be the cause of any migraines. Rooms that are too bright in color are difficult to work in, the same as if the walls were too dark. It’s understandable though that neutral colors can be a little bit too boring. To solve this dilemma, you can put up some tasteful and inspiring artwork that will boost productivity and also keep the office looking super professional.

One more thing that you should be considering is the air flow in the room. Sometimes it can be annoying to have windows open because you can hear everything that’s going on outside and of course, this can be distracting and annoying. Rather than having your windows wide open when it’s too warm in the office, consider investing in an air conditioning unit. They are useful for all types of weather and will keep the air fresh in your office, meaning that no one will suffer from fatigue when the air is too muggy.

Make the changes necessary and you will soon notice a boost in creativity, deadlines being hit faster, and also much happier and comfortable staff!

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