Debunking the Common Misconceptions of Cloud-Based POS Software

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Technology moves both our lives and businesses forward. It makes work easier, more efficient, more productive, and lowers costs. While some jump at the chance to try something new, there are far many more people who would rather stick to what they know.

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From sous vide machines to app-based ordering, new tech has come to restaurants, and a particular segment of people were resistant, but they’ve worked out pretty well so far. Cloud-based point of sale (POS) software is no different; there are people who have misconceptions about it.

Many of the misconceptions or myths about cloud POS are rooted in business uncertainty. What will my costs look like? Will I be able to understand the technology? What if something goes wrong? Am I being sold snake oil?

What’s Outdated With Traditional POS

Cloud-based POS software is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that has its software and capabilities running on a remote server and can be accessed by any authorized device through the internet. A traditional POS stores data on a local server and is accessed through a closed network.

Cloud solutions solve a lot of the challenges that traditional POS systems have such as:

  • Scaling your business using traditional POS systems is cumbersome, capital intensive, and expensive to run. Cloud solutions can easily add extra users, it’s click, plug, and play. Cloud solutions have low setup costs and even more economical running costs.
  • Digital POS systems are vulnerable to physical and digital attacks; your business will be responsible for maintaining the security. Still, you may not have the requisite skills or time to ensure security. Security on the cloud is maintained by your provider and is always kept up to date for you by means of automatic updates.
  • Software updates for traditional POS systems also have the same problem if they rely on the business owner. It’s on you to check for updates and install them. Cloud POS software, on the other hand, has fully dedicated teams who provide support and automatic updates.
  • Traditional POS uses bulky, expensive, stationary terminals for hardware. This limits maneuverability and wastes time as staff have to move to and from the terminals to serve customers. Cloud POS can operate from any smart device. You can use the technology you already own or choose devices that will suit your restaurant settings.
  • Maintenance for traditional POS systems is naturally expensive since to provide support; your service provider has to come to your location. Almost all cloud maintenance issues can be dealt with remotely, which significantly reduces costs to the point where most providers don’t even charge for it.

Debunking the Misconceptions of Cloud-Based POS Software

  1. Cloud POS is less secure: That couldn’t be further from the truth. Cloud solutions encrypt their data and use highly secure servers. The level of security in cloud solutions is difficult and uneconomic for most restaurant businesses to replicate.
  2. Upgrading to cloud POS is difficult: This largely depends on your cloud provider. Most provide support services that include cloud migration services. All you’ll need to do is deliver your digital documents, and they are uploaded for you.
  3. Without internet cloud POS won’t work: Cloud POS uses the internet to connect to the cloud, but it can also operate offline. This is a crucial redundancy feature for days when there are power outages, bad networks, or the internet network is interrupted in any way. The switch to offline mode is automatic; no need to do anything. When the internet returns, the system will upload the information to the cloud automatically.
  4. Cloud POS is expensive to deploy and run: Cloud POS integration has lower setup and payment plans. Cloud POS does not need specialized hardware to operate on, and you can use any device you have. Most providers charge a monthly fee, which will still be lower than investing in a traditional POS.

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The benefits in efficiency and costs from using cloud-based POS software are too good to miss out on. For the sake of your business, get the right information. Relying on gossip, myths, and half-truths could be holding back your business.

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