Coming Up with Webinar Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Online App

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  • Webinar marketing can be a phenomenal strategy for promoting new apps as an online business.

Webinars have become incredibly valuable as marketing tools, especially for app publishers. Around 61% of marketers have said that they use webinars to connect with new customers and expand their brand reach. App publishers recognize that they are cost-effective mediums to earn new customers.

We previously mentioned that webinars are some of the best ways to market your business. Webinar marketing became even more important in 2020. In the current economic climate and ongoing pandemic, digital lead generation is coming into focus for B2B companies. Webinars are one way to make up for cancelled trade shows and face-to-face events, as you can reach your target audience across physical distance. When viewed as a holistic marketing strategy, digital presentations help you achieve goals and get new customers for your app. You should learn how to utilize goal-oriented webinar marketing to get new customers that will install your apps.

The best webinar marketing strategy all starts with proper planning. If you are trying to run an online business that uses apps, then you want to have the right webinar strategy in place. You will need to use a service like vod app development and come up with a great webinar that can help promote it.

Conceptualizing Your Webinar Marketing Strategy for Your Online App

Once you have identified a topic on which you would like to host a webinar for your target audience, you should carefully plan the outline for your webinar in advance. Think about what goals you want to achieve and how much money you want to spend. If you haven’t already developed one, you should start by preparing a presentation. In the planning phase, it is also important to decide on a tool or an internal implementation and to familiarize yourself with the handling of the software. One of the most popular webinar hosting platforms is GoToWebinar.

You have to make sure that you understand your market in depth. Neil Patel said that nailing your audience demographics is one of the most important parts of webinar marketing.

Then set a date for the webinar. In doing so, take the availability of your target group into account. Our experience shows that the registration rate is highest for online events scheduled between Tuesday to Thursday and they should be run in the morning. The date should be at least four to six weeks in the future, as you need this time to come up with a holistic marketing strategy to generate an audience.

You will need to plan the promotional strategy of your webinar. You should start by seeking answers to the following questions:

  • Which target group do you want to address with your content?
  • What are the best channels to reach them?
  • What form should the communication take place?

After coming up with answers to these questions, you need to identify the appropriate channels and content for your marketing strategy. It is also necessary to consider how you will proceed to convert the leads that you generated after the webinar and which options you will use for follow-up. This should be easier as an app developer, since you should be able to engage with customers easily after they install your app. This planning will serve as a valuable guide for the following tasks.

Make the most of your marketing mix

After scheduling your webinar and developing an engaging landing page with relevant information and registration options, you must market it to your target audience through the channels you identified earlier. Take advantage of various marketing mix opportunities to generate registrations. Your previously established plan will help you use your media budget efficiently. For example, are you targeting your online event to a very specific audience? If so, we recommend running ads across social networks that offer targeting options to minimize your wasted advertising dollars.

You will also need to integrate your webinar content into ongoing marketing measures such as your email marketing or social media application. You should also use a blog post to help spread the word about your webinar. Use the reach of your internal network by sharing your event on social networks with your employees to increase awareness.

Make the Most of Your Webinar Marketing Strategy to Get New People to Download Your App

Webinars will be even more important after the pandemic, as many customers increase their online engagement. You need to take advantage of this medium, especially if you publish apps and need new people to download them.

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