4 Careers In Business That You Don’t Need A Degree For

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A lot of people assume that you need a degree to find a good career in the business world. While it’s partially correct that a lot of high-paying jobs demand you go through college education, this isn’t the truth for all of them. In fact, there are plenty of great jobs you can apply for without having a degree under your belt.

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So, if you’re interested in a business career, here are a few ideas you may enjoy:


Of course, the most obvious career in business is that of an entrepreneur. Setting up your own business certainly doesn’t require you to have a college degree. I think there are a fair few examples of this throughout history. Having some form of education might help you be a better business owner, but there’s absolutely no need to go through college to get a degree.


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Most of the time, your career will begin with an idea. All it takes is one good business idea to create the spark that sets the fire burning. Sure, you may worry that not having any formal business education puts you at a disadvantage. However, I’d argue that there are enough online and book resources around to help anyone become an entrepreneur. There are tons of blogs, eBooks, and actual physical books devoted to the art of running a business and being successful. All you have to do is educate yourself, without paying massive college tuition fees!

What are the great aspects of this career? To start, you can have a job that puts you as the boss. So, you’ll never have to answer to anyone ever again. Secondly, you start a career in which you are in control of things. You decide your own fate, and you could be incredibly successful.

Project Manager

A project manager probably holds one of the most critical roles within an organization. They’re responsible for the day-to-day planning of a project and ensuring that everything is executed properly. Many businesses depend on project managers to help steer the ship in the right direction. It’s a very well-paid job, and you don’t even need a degree for it.

Project Manager

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A lot of project managers will undergo college education to get an MBA. However, you can also go down another route and take a short course instead. There are many out there that offer qualifications, like the Project Vanguards PMP Exam Certification. Most businesses will arguably value certificates like this above an MBA because you’ve undergone a more specific type of educational training. The even better news is that these courses are usually a matter of weeks/months rather than years.

Why should you consider this career? Well, it’s easy for you to gain certifications that make you an attractive prospect to employers. All businesses are continually looking for project managers, and it’s a very financially rewarding career!

Admin Assistant

Every business will have admin staff that helps support the company. While it may not seem like these jobs are very important, they almost serve as the backbone of every business. Without a good admin team, organizations would be thrown up in the air, and nothing would ever get done on time. Being an admin assistant makes you a valuable member of any team, and it’s not a career you need to go to college for.

Admin assistant jobs are considered entry-level careers as anyone can apply for them. Often, all you need is experience working on computers and talking to customers. The wage you receive isn’t phenomenal, but it can be reasonably good for a first job kind of wage. However, the main reason I’ve included this is because I believe it’s such a fantastic way of getting a foot on the ladder within a big company. This is the type of business career where you can apply for the job and solidify yourself as an integral part of the team. Then, as you keep working for the same company, opportunities are bound to arise. You could be promoted within to more advanced roles as they love your work ethic and trust you. Don’t be afraid to start off as an admin assistant, as it can be the first step on your way to a much higher position.

Why is this a great career choice? Like I just said, there will be opportunities to get better jobs in the same company if you prove yourself as a great admin assistant. It’s what I like to call a ‘springboard job’.

IT Support Specialists

Finally, we have IT support specialists – another pivotal part of every business. Nowadays, all companies use IT networks and do their work on computers. As a result, it’s vital that they have the right support in case things go wrong. With your career as a support specialist, you can provide just that.

Most of the time, all you need to become qualified for this role is a few courses under your belt. This, combined with experience and talent, will make you an attractive proposition for any business that needs help. You could be hired as part of a full-time team, or offer your services to many companies as a freelancer. In fact, if you wanted to, you could start off as an IT support specialist, create a demand for your services, and then become an entrepreneur by starting your own company related to IT support!

What’s so great about this career idea? Again, it’s an easy one to get into as you don’t need a great deal of education to get involved. But, it’s also a job that so many companies are looking to hire people for. There will be no shortage of work, that’s for sure.

All four of these careers showcase that you can get in the business world without having a college degree. So, if you’ve got your mind set on a career in business, perhaps it’s better for you to consider one of these options rather than paying for college tuition? It’s just a thought, and it could be ideal for so many of you!

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