Don’t Hesitate: Make Your Next Career Move Today

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Making a career move can be pretty scary, but it can also be necessary. It’s unusual for a person to stay in the same career for all of their lives, so making a career move can just make sense sometimes. Is this something you’ve found yourself pondering from time to time? If it is, read on to learn more about how you know whether you should make a career move or not and what to do to get the ball rolling.

plan your next career move

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Are You Happy?

Your first and most important question should be: am I happy? Deep down, you’re going to have a good idea of whether you’re happy in your current role or not. If you’re happy bar a few things, you can simply opt to talk to your boss. Tell them what could be improved, anything making you unhappy, and make your intentions known if you’d like to have a pay rise or make your way up the career ladder.

Move Slowly If You’re Unsure

Let’s say you’re unsure of how you feel. Just move slowly. Don’t feel like you have to make any decisions right now or know exactly what you want to do. Take baby steps instead. You could find a mentor to get an outside perspective on the situation, for example. Stay at your job for 30 days and pay close attention to how you feel.

Plan Your Ideal Day

What does your ideal day look like? When you know what your ideal day looks like, you can begin to look at careers and in fields that will suit you well.

Look at Workshops and Courses That Could Help You

You can never improve on yourself and your skills too much, so take a look at workshops and courses that could help you. This could help you to work your way up the career ladder where you currently are or become more employable in another industry. You could look at an online masters in library science if that’s something that interests you, or you could simply work on skills like listening and communication.

Focus on The Right Things

Make sure you focus on the right things when you’re thinking about your next career move. For example, pay can be important, but it shouldn’t be your deciding factor. You should choose something that you really want to do.

Signs You Should Be Making A Career Move

Make sure you’re looking out for the signs that could indicate you’re due a career move. They could be as follows:

  • You feel overlooked
  • You’re bored
  • You lack passion
  • You don’t fit in
  • You dislike your boss/colleagues and the culture
  • You’re being treated poorly

Some of the above can be fixed, but if they persist, you’re better off looking for a new role. This can be scary, but if you put away a portion of your earnings each month you should be able to support yourself while you search.

Will you make your next career move today? Leave your thoughts below!

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