Simple, Actionable Steps to Improve the Agility of Your Business

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  • Agility is a core principle that all sensible business owners must embrace to their fullest potential.

Over recent years the term ‘business agility’ has become somewhat of a buzzword. In its simplest form, business agility refers to the ability of your business to improve and adapt to a changing market while maintaining a competitive advantage. Although many entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of business agility, they are not entirely sure how to implement it.

Thankfully, there are a number of simple and actionable steps, such as making use of specialized software that can boost the agility of your business considerably.

Time management tools boosts efficiency

In order for a business to be successful, it is essential that employee efficiency is continuously reviewed.  Using a time management tool can improve business operations significantly saving you both time and money. The team behind the Journyx timesheet suggests using a time management tool to synch your employee data with your fundamental business systems for faster processing. Time management tools such as Scoro and Harvest increase overall business agility by improving estimates and quotes, effectively track time across various devices, and identifying areas for improvement. Once the areas have been identified, other software programs can be used to devise and implement strategies to affect the required advances.

Communication software reduces respond time

Effective internal and external communication is key in any business. Over recent years, and mainly due to telecommuting skyrocketing in popularity, the use of electronic communication tools has become more prevalent. The use of communication software such as Slack and Zoom can render a business more agile by reducing response time and costs involved with conventional meetings and conferencing. It is no longer necessary to pick up a phone to make a call as both voice and video calls can be initiated from most specialized platforms. Although the main purpose of communication software is to facilitate communication within an organization, many platforms also boast features such as video calling and webinar facilities that can be utilized to communicate with clients as well.

Business document management software saves time and money

Reputable business management software can help a business remain relevant in an ever-changing environment and also save it considerable amounts of time and money. Choice software tools such as Zoho and Bitrix24 offers a company increased flexibility, boosted storage, and a myriad of collaboration features. By waving goodbye to traditional documents in favor of digital alternatives a business can save a lot of money on printing costs. The need for document storage space will also be decreased substantially while digital documents can be distributed almost instantaneously via various communication channels. Business management software will also help secure sensitive documents, protecting them from prying eyes and preventing them from falling into the wrong hands.

Improve communication with project management tools

Project management tools such as Trello, Proofhub, and Workzone can boost business agility in various ways. These tools can make it considerably easier to automate a variety of tasks that will save the business valuable time and resources. They can also assist teams in generating useful system data and metrics that can be leveraged to improve their various functionalities. A decent project management tool can further render a business more agile by greatly improving team collaboration, making real-time project budget management possible, streamlining internal and external communication, and enhancing overall client satisfaction.

Ecommerce software makes adaptation easier

At present, an uncertain global economy is forcing many brands to diversify in a bid to remain relevant. As many businesses had no choice but to close their doors, establishing a digital platform became a lifesaver to many. Ecommerce software can help boost business agility tremendously by helping it go online. Programs such as BigCommerce, Volusion, and Shopifymake it possible for customers to view and purchase your products and services in an online store setting.  The software functions not only as a virtual sales consultant but an accountant, customer liason officer, and stock analyst as well. Ecommerce software can typically be integrated into a current website with relative ease or can be added as an external feature which is equally as effective.

CRM software maximizes lead conversion

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can help a business adapt to a changing market in numerous ways. Not only does is make automated data entries possible but it also allows for smarter reporting and improved productivity in collaborative work. Marketing teams, in particular, can benefit greatly from making use of CRM software as it provides them with a much clearer visual of the customer journey, giving them the opportunity to maximize lead-to-sales conversion rates. CRM software like Hubspot and Zoho also provide managers with useful insight into their campaigns and team efforts.

A business has to be agile if it wants to survive. Making use of a range of beneficial software programs can make it substantially easier to maintain a competitive advantage in a rapidly-changing market.

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