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5 Tips for Creating Effective Print Advertising for Small Businesses

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Don’t assume that your small business can thrive simply because the local competition isn’t tight. Keep in mind there are over 30.2 million small businesses in the US alone. While some focus solely on local consumers, others rely on national logistics firms and digital marketing trends to extend their reach.

That works for expansion but what about fighting for relevance in your small corner? If you’re a small business looking to get more local customers, your best bet is to stick with print advertising.

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Print media is a great tool that can help ensure your relevance in the local community. In this guide, you’ll learn the best practices when designing ads.

Are you ready to learn some marketing tips? Read on and find out more today.

Print Advertising Tips

It’s always important to remember that small businesses have limited budgets, and it may be beneficial to consult a small-business financial advisor on how to free up more capital to use on advertisements. It’s important to make the most out of your investment’s impact.

This is why you should focus on evergreen content and educational content. Entertain while providing information!

You can also use advertising to let customers know your business is a secure spot. Reinforcing a door or enhancing your CCTV system are good details to notify the public about.

But it doesn’t end there. Let’s run down a few other tips, specifically for print advertising, such as:

1. Use Direct Mail Advertising

It’s clear which method wins when comparing direct-mail advertising and email advertising. Most people see emails as clutter, meaning they get deleted most of the time. It’s especially the case when they know that it’s an advertisement.

But if you’re mailing a brochure, you’re ensured that your potential audience will give your ad a chance and look at least. It’s an accepted fact that almost 3 out of 4 American consumers prefer getting ads in the mail instead of online. The convenience this type of advertisement gives makes it more likely for them to give your business a try.

Remember, direct mail remains one of the most effective techniques involving print advertising. As a small business, this is your best bet if you’re trying to attract new customers. After all, almost everyone will peruse their mail each day.

That way, they’re more inclined to read your ad. This is possible since they feel it’s more personalized compared to email advertisements. They’re more inclined to believe that you spent more effort sending physical mails than emails.

2. Use Creative Business Cards

If you’re a B2B company, business cards serve as a personalized form of advertising. The main problem is the fact that simple cards aren’t enough to make you stand out anymore. That means printing your employees’ contact information on a card is the bare minimum nowadays.

That’s why you need to do everything in your power to ensure that your card isn’t thrown away. Always strive to integrate your brand message into your business cards. Start becoming creative by making your cards unique with interesting graphics, for example.

You can also make your card stand out by giving it a unique shape instead of the boring rectangle. If you want to take the extra mile, you should put more functionalities to it. For example, you can magnetize the card, allowing your potential client to stick it on their refrigerator and remember you better.

3. Target Your Audience

To make your advertising methods successful, you need to ensure that you know the people reading your ads. With your limited budget, you need to ensure that your advertising budget targets a smaller, more specific audience. That will get you a bigger return on your investment since you’ll get higher quality leads.

The first step is to make a customer profile based on your products and services. As soon as you know the type of people your business attracts, start advertising in magazines and newspapers. Make sure to target the ones your potential customers read the most.

Try mailing your pamphlets or coupons to your potential customers. To know this information, look for the people who used services or bought products similar to yours. Make sure to list down all the things you can do that your competitors can’t.

Don’t waste your money by casting a large net to a general audience. Target the right people with your print advertisements. With this, you will make your print ads more effective than online ads.

4. Design Your Ad to Advance Your Brand Identity

Be consistent with your ads. Once you find a recognizable format, settle with it and let your readers link this with your business name and brand. Your consistency will make your consumers remember you more, eliminating the need to redesign each new ad.

Huge companies can use stamp-sized presentations of their logos since people know them already. But as a small business, you don’t have that level of brand awareness. That means you need to make your name recognizable in each advertisement you do.

5. Pick the Right Typeface for Your Ads

The right type will make a lot of difference in how your advertisement looks. But the most important benefit is that it impacts the ease of how people read your brand message. That’s why you need to get a specific typeface that will represent your company.

Picking the right typeface also requires you to pick the right mix of weights and styles. For example, if you choose a clean Helvetica family for your ads, you can select its bold, italic, and light versions. It’s also available in different sizes, and it can help set your company apart from your competition, even if they’re using the same typeface.

Design Your Ads Today!

Print advertising remains the most effective way of promoting your small business. But you need to follow these tips if you’re trying to start with your advertising campaign. This ensures that your potential customers get a clear brand message and give you a chance.

Don’t hesitate and start promoting yourself. Otherwise, your competitors will gain an edge and get customers meant for you.

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