5 Hacks to Create Amazing Trade Show Displays

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There are so many effective ways to reach customers, but nothing compares to face-to-face interactions with customers. It is the reason why trade shows are still an important part of the marketing strategies of many companies. But how can you get those prospects and customers into your booth? Let’s examine some of the best practices for creating a booth presence that will draw a crowd.

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1.         Outstanding Graphics

It is important to ensure that your booth is highly visible and stands out in a crowded space. The wide-format technology available today helps you to this by creating high-resolution graphic in stunning color. Here are some of the display graphics you should consider incorporating into your trade show display:

  • Backlit signs
  • Large-format posters
  • Tabletop displays
  • Booth wraps
  • Banners
  • Pop-up and back wall displays

Use bold images that grab people’s attention

Use large and easy-to-read fonts so that people are able to read key text from a distance. If you want something both fun and different, try using cutouts of brand products, local landmarks, or even people. If you send us a digital file, we will create a life-size image on Gatorboard.

Consider using various accessories and stands such as banner hangers, banner stands, easel signs, as well as modular, inline units to create a display space that’s mobile and flexible. Many displays are typically lightweight, easy to set up, transport, and store. When applying graphics to fabric walls, consider using Velcro for easy positioning and attachment.

2.         Customize It

The fact that our digital machines are quick and easy to set up means that you can tweak your posters, banners, and displays for all the trade shows that you attend.

  • Change out incentives and promotions as needed
  • Tweak images and copy for the specific audience attending
  • Integrate the show’s name
  • Make each display unique as the show as well as the people attending it

3.         Drive Attendance Using Direct Mail

Direct mail is still one of the most powerful ways you can drive traffic to your booth. Unlike email, which sometimes get buried within minutes of getting in the inbox, a direct mailer almost always gets seen.

Oversized mailers and the right colors will help you stand out.

Use customized URLs or other display printing and online techniques to make it easy for recipients to register for events, make appointments, and respond to incentives.

Use personalized QR codes to send recipients to personalized microsites so that they never have to input long URLs.

4.         Measuring Results

Gather business cards or scan badges to track booth attendance. Use barcodes, promotion codes, and other techniques to match up against email, direct mail, or other pre-show contacts and track the marketing channels that worked the best.

5.         Follow Up

Follow up with all the attendees based on their needs and interests. Whether you use email, direct mail, or face-to-face contact, reach out to the people that took time to spend a few minutes with you. You have worked hard to drive traffic to your booth and you shouldn’t allow the warm leads to go cold.

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