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4 Social Media Tools Your Business Should Use

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The undeniable effects of social media marketing are no longer blurry — and the benefits are clear as day. While there are some risks of using social media in your business, many small businesses have a strong social media marketing strategy in their back pocket – they just have to be open to change and learn to use them.

Former businessman Neil Blumenfield is utilizing his skills from his days in the competitive software business in his present day career as a poker pro. Blumenfield realized the similarities are striking and largely overlapping: Like running his startups, he had a game plan and continually refined his strategy. He found himself using business skills to win at poker – the very skills he learned in the software technology business many years ago.

You may already have a list of customer service tools for the small business owner, but don’t forget about social media tools and apps.  As you alter your game plan to include tools, note that they can help alleviate the stress and pressure of multi-tasking and make managing your social media presence easier, whether you are trying to learn how to work well with freelancers or doing it all yourself. Here are 4 tools that can help simplify your social media marketing life.

Small Business Social Media Tools:


This social media management toolkit works across many well-known websites, including Facebook and Twitter. This app is helpful for Twitter – it can improve tweets with just one click. The RightTag button allows users to add images, GIFs, emojis and hashtags on all of the links you share.

One of the most commonly noted features is its ability to examine hashtags. It shows users recommended hashtags, the hashtags that are most used, which are trending, and the hashtags that are not popular. It’s key to know how to use hashtags strategically so you can build your brand, or allow an app or tool to do the work for you.


This tool is one of the greatest ones for discovering excellent content from multiple sources – and content curation is essential for small businesses. Feedly is an RSS reader that has the ability to collect feeds from various websites based on the users preferences. It also allows users to monitor news about their business, products, and competitors through Google Alerts, too.

Feedly can also be integrated with a number of other apps that allow users to set aside content until they need it and are ready to share it on their social media accounts.

In addition, Feedly provides users secure access to its business’s internal portals and SaaS applications. This means feeds can easily be sorted into collections for easier access down the road.


A must-have app, DrumUp allows users to monitor their social media presence across multiple accounts and tweak their settings from a single place. Content curation can be a save a social media marketer’s life when it comes to posting with regularity because it allows users to post a combination of others’ content and their own, all while seeing what content is trending.

You can also use DrumUp to set posts on a repeat schedule and increase the visibility of posts with the help of hashtag recommendations.


As your number of followers on Twitter grows, it becomes necessary to stay organized and keep track of those followers, your reach, and analytics. ManageFlitter has a feature called PowerPost that tells you the ideal time of the day to post your Tweets in order to get the highest reach. It also provides analytics (for free) to ensure your marketing campaigns are getting engagement.

Social media is really about relating to your audience, seeing better engagement across multiple networks, and cultivating additional opportunities for your business to grow. All the apps and tools in the world can’t help you if you don’t take advantage of them. However, a mixture of tools and apps can improve workflow and clear some time in your schedule so you can start some new projects and ventures.

What social media tools do you utilize to manage your online presence?

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