3 Website Hacks That May Help You to Grow Your Conversion Rate

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You can modify the hardware or software of your computer to achieve a definite objective although it is incompatible with its original purpose. This is realized through computer hacking. For consumers, this means a lot. For ecommerce business owners, it enables them to optimize the needs of their online platform to become top priority. However, lots of competition is in the offing.

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In many instances, websites just require few minimal adjustments to enhance its rates of conversion. Whatever adjustments are to be done, planning and testing with A/B methods are the best strategy and tactics. Your website must be constantly optimized.

Top 3 Website hacks to increase your conversion rate

  • Relatable content is top-rated by consumers

The winning team is the website that displays stellar content.  There is no place for any marketing fluff. Brand materials that consumers prefer to view are those that they can easily relate to.

Several approaches at the drawing board are worthwhile taking that use your content strategy:

(1) To a great degree, valuable to consumers is the material that tells a story.

(2) Proven to be extremely effective in buyer’s patterns are user-generate content (UGC).

(3) Reviews give your brand credibility from a third party.

(4) A vehicle must be provided for customers so they can create their own experiences in using the product, and to be shared with the community.

Content strategy is achieved utilizing dual materials that can educate and promote, as well as narrate an explosive story providing viewers a clear view of the outcome

  • Speed is a come-on

An app or website needs speed.  The average attention span for humans is around 8 seconds. With slow website, you will drive away your potential consumers. There are many factors contributing to slow loading times. If your website site is slow due to your host, all other aspects of that platform are also just as slow like tech support and storage. It is time to change your host as there are many other available choices.

The foundation of all online ecommerce stores, fora and the media is a good user experience (UX). Fast website leads bring good UX that ultimately leads to faster and more conversions.

  • Encourage call to action (CTA) buttons to work harder

Call to action is the most important element of your landing page. CTA buttons should have conspicuous place for users to recognize with one glance. CTA buttons make up 30% of entire testing as the most split-tested aspect of the website of ecommerce.

(1) The most important factors that brings in number of clicks are colors. Red buttons got 34% increase in conversion. Button is considered standalone object and not related to the context of the site.

(2) A huge impact on garnering more conversions is the text on a CTA. Most importantly, the text needs to answer the key question of “Why should the user click this?”

In the final analysis

Business owner with a website should consider as one of their priorities increasing their conversion rates. Test often to improve. Keep tabs on your analytics and identify more avenues to test and optimize needs to be a daily task in this process.

Online consumers are likely to transfer loyalties. The trick lies in attracting them to your website and giving them UX that keeps them busy, informed and interested.

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