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If you’ve been at your job for many years, it’s easy to think that you’ll have promotions handed to you, as if a reward for the years you’ve served and in some cases, this might be true. However, the higher paid promotions, the spot at the big boy’s table, the elite, require more than just time accrued to earn. You may already have the correct written qualifications for the job, so what now? Check out these clever ways of getting yourself noticed so that you can land that promotion.

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Make your boss’ life easier

Your boss has a thousand and one things on his or her plate, and to get yourself noticed, you should be taking some of these roles on wherever possible. Making your boss almost obsolete will help lighten their workload, show you can handle a larger one, and also allow them to take care of more pressing matters higher up in the company.

If you’re unable to take on any of their roles as such (perhaps due to lack of training or security clearance) then why not solve problems for them? Maybe you’ve got a tricky customer or client that no matter what isn’t satisfied with what the company is doing for them. Come up with a way to resolve this and you’ll be noticed for sure.

Learn odd jobs

Little problems crop up in the workplace all of the time and sometimes it can turn into a larger one if the knowledge on how to fix it isn’t there. Recognizing these little problems that arise and learning how to fix them will show that you’re passionate about the company and want it to run as smoothly as possible.

Computer systems, for example, are brilliant when they’re working how they should be! However, when an error pops up it can send the whole company into meltdown. Errors such as ‘api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll issue’ may crop up and leave you all scratching your heads. Learn how to fix this problem and other regular issues and your boss won’t have to call technical support and more importantly, you’ll be the savior your boss has been waiting for.

Stay positive

Work can be stressful, especially when you’re trying to land a big promotion. You may have deadlines, clients to land, and even sales to boost, and it’s understandable that you may be feeling the pressure. However, heading into problems like these with a negative mindset won’t help any situation. Taking a breath, thinking things through, and heading into the situation with a positive mind will solve these issues, reduce stress, and also keep morale high in the office. Just what your boss needs to see to consider you for that promotion.

Lead the team

With most promotions in the workplace comes more responsibility in regards to the team you work with. While you may not currently have the authority to take charge and delegate work, taking a stand when problems arise and helping to solve them will show your peers that you’re able to lead a team of people with poise and grace. Leading a team is more than having the guts to stand up and take charge of people, so remember to tackle each problem with the thoughts of a leader.

Propose ideas

If you’re passionate about your job then it’s likely that ideas crop into your head all of the time. Bring them to the table! Even if your idea is rejected, your boss will notice that you’ve got your head screwed on in terms of improving their business. If you’re unsure whether your idea is a good one, why not confide in a trusted colleague and listen to their opinions before proposing your ideas to your boss?

Take pride in your position

While you want to leave your current position in the dust and move further up the chain in the company, showing pride in the position you’re currently in helps enforce that passion your boss needs to see. Promoting your company on social media in your free time, talking highly about your job and your colleagues inside and outside of work will get back to your boss in nothing but a positive way. Someone who takes pride in the company they work for is a trait that’s highly sought-after when considering someone for a promotion.

Put the extra hours in

We’ve all been there; clock watched the whole day so that we can get home and binge on Netflix. However, clock watchers are noticed and are unlikely to receive the promotion they’re hoping for. Stay a little longer to help solve a problem, arrive early, and offer your services outside of your normal working hours and you will get noticed!

Stay away from gossip

Office gossip can be lethal, and those that participate in rumors and chit-chat are much less likely to be considered for a higher position. At work, you shouldn’t have time to think about what Sally is doing or who Bill is in his free time because you should be working! Make a point of staying away from gossip to help improve your chances of a promotion.

Make the company money

A slightly blunt and obvious tip is to actually make the company money. While everyone in their own way helps contribute to the clockwork of the company, stepping forward and actively trying to make the company more money will show you’re ready for the higher position and also that you’re able to chase a lead.

Ask for it!

Finally, while there’s a plethora of ways to show your boss you’re ready and raring for that promotion, the easiest way of making sure you’re considered for the role is by asking! Tell your boss that you’re interested in the promotion and ask if there’s anything you should be doing to show how ready you are. You’ll be surprised!

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