Worker Safety Tips for Construction Businesses

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  • When you are running a construction company, you have to go to great lengths to keep your employees safe.

Are you trying to run a construction company? There are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind. You are probably highly focused on getting new jobs and trying to meet your timetables.

Safety must be another concern. According to OSHA, around 20% of all worker accidents each year take place in the construction sector. Safety might not always be the most important consideration when you are managing a construction company. However, you can quickly discover the costs of negligence. You have to deal with stalled timetables when a worker gets hurt, regulatory penalties, possible criminal charges, higher workers compensation costs and the guilt of knowing an employee was hurt on your watch.

Every construction company has to make worker safety a priority. Keep reading to learn more.

Worker Safety is a Top Concern When Running a Construction Business

Running a construction companies requires a worker to be present in a very dangerous environment. Workers are prone to injuries and accidents that can be painful or even lead to fatality. These health and life risks can be caused by a number of factors such as chemical sprays, natural disasters, weak foundations or grounds, and most importantly neglecting the safety measures in a construction site. 

In every industry, employers need to keep the health of their employees in check. The employees in a construction site are more prone to health risks than any other industry. The health threats do not only entail the risk getting sick there. The dangers at a construction site can even lead to death. That is why it is very important to follow safety tips and guidelines in a construction site and the following five tips will help anyone prevent accidents and injuries while working.

Wear proper Gear (PPE)

First and foremost, Personal Protective Equipment is the most essential clothing. Your employees must consider wearing it before setting foot into a construction environment. They should make sure that they use it to be seen, as well as reduce the risks of injury if they have an accident. 

Your employees must keep themselves safe by wearing other safety gear like gloves, goggles, earmuffs and other gear. You must keep in mind that your employees need to put on their PPE whether your site is inside or outside. Over time, the gear will become worn and less effective. So, make sure to contact your supplier and replace the worn-out gear immediately.

Stick to a Safety Program

All the workers must undergo a safety training program before starting the construction project. They need to be made aware of the risks and challenges that they will be facing on the site. Proper training and information will help them to take precautions and help minimize the risks.

Many construction site safety protocols must be strictly followed by all the workers. The safety officer should visit the site regularly to ensure that the safety guidelines are followed by everyone on the premises. They should also assess the workers to make sure that they are aware of every potential danger and are trained well enough to be ready to tackle it.

Abide by the Environmental Guidelines

The managers at your construction sites need to follow the environmental guidelines to keep your employees from succumbing to any environmental hazard. In the winter and rainy seasons, environmental hazards are more common. Even the heat during summer can lead to the workers falling prey to heat strokes. To prevent severe sickness due to extreme weather conditions, the site manager needs to be smart enough and willing to pause the work and let the workers take a leave.

The work environment must be kept clean and crowd-free. Too much dirt and debris might lead to the workers having permanent breathing problems in the future as it will weaken their immune systems. If the environment is crowded, then it also increases the risk for more people to be injured if any danger occurs. 

Risk Management System

Every construction site must have a risk management system. The construction site must equip the workers with proper gears, properly working tools, and equipment, hanging safety nets, and a responsible supervisor to make the workers aware of potential risks they might face for a particular task. All of this is essential to prevent any accident from occurring in the workplace.

The contractor must ensure that there should be a proper analysis of previously occurring accidents to prevent them from happening again. If an accident occurs then, emergency help should just be a call away. 

Although, it won’t be possible to prevent any of the accidents that might happen from natural disasters like earthquakes and landslides. So there must be a risk management system to take proper safety measures to negate any fatality in such an event.

Inspect tools, equipment and technology used

While you are working at a construction site, you will be working with different kinds of tools, equipment, and technology. The machinery will help you in easy and faster completion of the job. Ensure that the machinery you use is tested beforehand and works fine. 

If the machinery is old and rusted over the years then using them becomes risky. Breakage or disorientation of heavy machinery cannot be disposed of manually by workers. Heavy lifting by machines has to be done to do the job. 

In conclusion, health and safety measures are crucial if you work at a construction site. You need to make sure not to put yourself at risk and your fellow workers. Just a single mistake of taking your safety for granted might lead to long-term grief for your loved ones. You need to work as a team and follow the proper guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone.

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