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Wonderful Ways Custom Packaging is Redefining Small Business Branding

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Personalization and custom branding are two sides of the same coin. They are surprisingly relatively new concepts under the modern capitalist economy. Companies need to understand the importance of custom branding and the steps they need to take to execute it properly.

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One of the most important things that companies need to do is develop custom packaging. Along with developing high-quality logos and other branding elements, this will help them stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

A number of brands have discovered that custom packaging can be very useful. Here are some case studies that illustrate that benefits of custom packages:

  • Gillette Venus used custom packages to reduce plastic consumption by 29% and earn more customers that were concerned about sustainability.
  • One custom packaging company was contacted by a company that wanted to reduce the issues associated with sharp edges on its packaging. They developed a solution that minimized the damage caused by physical trauma during the shipping process and lowered shipping costs by 65%.
  • Classic Kids, a photography company that operates in four states, worked with a custom packaging company to make their products more appealing to families. They reported that this was very successful.

Custom packaging can be a very effective way to brand a company and reach more people successfully.

The birth of custom branding and the need for custom packaging

During the dawn of the industrial revolution, Henry Ford made a very famous statement that encapsulated the business mentality of the time. He said: “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” The point that he was trying to make was that the priority was features, rather than subjective criteria or aesthetics.

The world has changed dramatically since Ford produced his line of automobiles. Today, customers are not just looking for high-quality features. Quality features are a key prerequisite for any organization that wants to have a chance of surviving in any industry. Companies that want to thrive need to go the extra mile.

The National Chamber of Commerce recently published a statistic showing that 73% of customers prefer collaborating with brands that deliver personalized content. This statistic appears to apply to online content. However, it is a strong indicator of the preference for other types of personalize content as well.

An expert from Mitchel-Lincoln said that companies that offer custom packaging will have an easier time competing. There are several benefits of using custom packaging.

Adapt to new market trends more easily

Companies need an advanced production infrastructure to create custom packages. Once this infrastructure is in place, they will be able to respond to new trends more easily.

One of the biggest trends is the emphasis on sustainability. One survey showed that 88% of customers prefer purchasing products from companies that are committed to environmental sustainability and other ethical issues. Companies that use eco-friendly packaging will have an easier time reaching this demographic. Other trends are likely to emerge in the future as well. Companies that have developed a custom packaging strategy will have an easier time providing this type of packaging.

Make packages stand out more easily

You don’t necessarily need to create personalized packages for every customer. You might also want to consider creating products that stand out in various regions that you do business.

You can consider researching these markets to see what types of packages are most common. Then you can develop unique packages that will stand out.

Create the right packages for every product

Every product has a unique weight and dimensions. You can use custom packages to ensure every item is properly stored and marketed at the most affordable price. As one of the case studies above showed, this can reduce shipping costs by 65% or more.

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