Why Outsourced Marketing is a High-Level Marketing Strategy

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High-level marketing strategies generate big results. For example, you’ll generate massive conversions by dropping your email subscribers into a new email sequences after they click a link or make a purchase. Dropping subscribers into a new email sequence allows you to tailor your marketing messages, which increases conversion rates.

There are plenty of high-level marketing strategies and you can probably think of a few right now. However, one strategy you may not be thinking of is outsourcing. Outsourced marketing is a high-level marketing strategy you can use to increase conversions and maximize your ROI. When you do, it will be a game-changer for your business.

What is outsourced marketing?

Outsourced marketing involves more than simply handing off your marketing tasks to another individual or company. Today’s outsourced marketing is like having your own team of marketing experts, but instead of staffing them on payroll, you contract with them.

In recent years, many businesses have moved away from establishing and maintaining their own marketing teams in-house. Instead, they contract with specialized marketing companies on a project-by-project basis.

Outsourced marketing is better for your business because you’ll get access to multiple marketing experts in one place. You won’t need to search for someone to write your content, perform SEO, build your website, and handle your direct marketing campaigns. One outsourced marketing agency will handle all of your needs.

What makes outsourced marketing a high-level strategy?

High-level marketing strategies are the strategies that generate exponential, long-term, measurable results by:

  • Engaging prospects and leads in a highly targeted manner
  • Using marketing expertise to filter audience segments and target those audiences with specific messages
  • Automating repetitive and mechanical tasks
  • Consistently use data collected over time
  • And more

When you hire an outsourced marketing agency, you’re getting access to an entire team of marketers who will do all the work for you. They’ll use industry-standard software to automate repetitive tasks and will start collecting critical data the minute you sign your contract.

You don’t have time to manage a full-time marketing team

Let’s face it, you probably don’t have time to hire, onboard, and manage a full-time in-house marketing team. That’s a big commitment. Sure, you could hire a marketing manager to manage a team, but that’s just one more person for you to manage.

Imagine spending the same amount of money (or less) on marketing, but never having to hire, train, or manage a single marketing professional.

That’s the key benefit of outsourced marketing. Your time is valuable. Your business needs you to be the innovator and creator.

Why you’re better off without an in-house marketing team

It may sound strange, but you’re probably better off without an in-house marketing team. According to a 2014 Sales Benchmark Index study, 71% of marketing teams were using ineffective marketing strategies. How can this happen? Unfortunately, it’s commonplace.

Sometimes companies hire marketing managers with resumes that look good, but the candidate hasn’t gotten any real results for past employers. Many business owners hire friends, family, and partners to be part of their in-house marketing team even when they don’t qualify for the position.

To get truly experienced marketers, you really need to know marketing inside and out to extract the right information from candidates during their interviews. If you’re not a marketing expert, that’s tough.

Outsourced marketing can help you understand your market better

Successful marketing requires knowing your market intimately. Some markets are easy to understand on the surface, but contain complexities and nuance that take time to understand.

Learning the nuance of a market takes time and experience. When you hire an experienced marketing agency, you’re getting an exponential amount of years and experience dealing with your market – experience that would take you decades to obtain.

Outsourcing your marketing allows you to skip intense market research. You’ll still want to know your market, but you won’t need to dedicate an additional 30 hours per week to the task.

Professional marketing agencies understand the customer

Marketing expert Neil Patel says that understanding your customers is the only marketing strategy you need. How you implement that understanding is just a technicality. Although, implementing your understanding does require skill and experience, if you don’t know your customers, you’ll never be successful.

Professional marketing agencies have already spent years researching and working with a variety of markets. You want to tap into that expertise.

Get a jump on your competition with outsourced marketing

If you haven’t considered contracting with a professional marketing company, now is a great time. Your competitors are already on board. Using outsourced marketing is one of the smartest marketing decisions you’ll ever make.

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