What You Should Know When Preparing Your Medical Office

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  • The setup of your medical practice will either make it or break it, so you can't afford to do it wrong.

Do you own a medical practice? This can be a very competitive business to operate.

There are a lot of things that you need to do to create a successful medical practice, such as marketing. One of the most important things that you should do is make sure that you set your office up properly.

Private medical practice is both extremely lucrative and independent. You are a consummate professional and your own boss. You set your own hours, and you don’t answer to anyone but yourself. However, it can also be very isolating and overwhelming, especially when setting up your private practice. As an ophthalmologist, you not only have a business to set up, but you also have to navigate the legal necessities and medical perspective as well.

When you first start to set up your practice, you have to keep in mind that this is a business as well. While you might put importance on the medical aspects of the practice, you also have to remember that clients will come back for the business aspect of the practice as well. They won’t come back if they lose patience with your medical practice. So, what are the important things you need to keep in mind?

Paperwork Is Essential

As an ophthalmologist, one of the first things you need to do is ensure you have your licenses in order. Different states require different permissions, be it medical or business licenses. Because local laws vary greatly from state to state, you need to look up which laws are applicable to you and your situation.

You could engage the services of a professional or enquire at your local government office. There are also federal resources that you can look at, like the US Small Business Administration service, where you can see what license you need for different business activities. If you want to avoid paying a professional for this, set aside some time to do your research and apply for everything yourself.

Interiors Are Important

An ophthalmologist, a big part of your practice will be helping clients find a pair of glasses they can use. This would mean that your clients will likely spend some time at your business and have the need for mirrors to see what they look like in different styles of glasses. You need to make sure your practice is properly designed.

In this situation, interiors become very important. You want your clients to feel comfortable and in a warm and welcoming environment. Your interiors and lighting can have a big part in this. If you have a dreary and poorly lit space, your clients will not want to come back. Thus, having a reasonable budget set aside for practical, welcoming interiors should not be overlooked.

Equipment is Expensive

As an eye doctor, medical equipment will be one of the biggest expenses you will have for your business. Thankfully, it is usually a one-time investment that will last you for many years to come. When it comes to medical equipment, many people can underestimate the budget and run out of cash.

When setting up your eye care business, budgeting is a huge part of it. Buying quality ophthalmological equipment will give you a good way to set your practice up for success. When making these one-time investments, you should prioritize quality over quantity. Make sure you are getting the best version of equipment you will most use, so you don’t have to run after repairs and maintenance repeatedly.

Marketing Builds Reputation

Any professional field is fiercely competitive. Thus, unless you are in a rural or underserved community, you will likely have a lot of competition. There is a limited pool of clients that you are drawing from. As a new practice, you are already working against a bias people have towards your established competition.

In this case, proper marketing would be your best bet to build a reputation and get the word out about your new business. You can run promotional campaigns, build a user-friendly website, and run advertisements across both traditional and innovative channels like social media. Traditional channels would include flyers, newspaper ads, or even billboards.


One of the most important things people forget to factor in when starting a business is employees. Any business needs employees to run it. When you don’t account for this, you can make grave mistakes in budgeting and planning. In terms of budgeting, you will not account for employee salaries. In terms of planning, you will end up scrambling to get the documents you need to set up employee health insurance or even setting aside time for interviews.

Employees are the heart of any business. While you are checking someone’s eyes, your employee will be the face of the company to clients coming in to check out glasses and helping them sign up for eye exams. They will also be handling the paperwork when you cannot. Employees then become incredibly important to keep your business running efficiently and following the letter of the law.

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