What Do You Need To Work In Finance?

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There’s a reason why working in finance is one of the most popular career choices out there: there’s a lot of potential when it comes to making money, you can work within companies that have a global impact, and it’s an all-around exciting industry to work in. However, it’s not as if you can just expect to walk into the more desirable positions. Unlike some other industries, competition for jobs can be fierce, especially at companies that operate out of the financial capitals of the world, like New York and London. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the things you’ll need if you’re going to be successful.

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The Passion

There are some jobs where it’s enough to just turn up. Finance is not one of these jobs. Since competition can be tough, it’s important there’s an inner drive that can set you apart from the rest. Making money can be one motivating factor, but it can’t be the whole thing. So before you decide on working in this field, look within and ask yourself why you’ve chosen this industry. What is it that calls you?

The Education

While your natural talents will work in your favor once you’ve got the job, you will need to supplement these talents with qualifications that you can present to companies. Having a degree in a related field will be a good starting point, but in order to qualify for the more senior positions and to really build a career that you’re proud of, it’s best to look at studying for a master’s degree. A Master’s in Finance from Northeastern University will help to make you a more competitive candidate and will give you the confidence and skills you need to really shape a career you’re proud of. It’ll be what sets you apart from the others.

The Soft Skills

We tend to think of finance as being something that is purely analytical, but that’s not the case. While the small details of the job itself may be analytical, the stuff around the main task is interpersonal. Most people that work in finance do so as part of a larger team, and the job generally works with human factors anyway. Because of this, it’s important that you have a strong grasp on the soft skills that can help to make connections, network, and work as part of a team.

The Attention to Detail

Finance is all about details and spotting things that other people would miss. Working on your concentration and attention to detail will be hugely beneficial throughout your career, and will help to prevent errors and mistakes.

Hard Work And Patience

Finally, remember that finance is not an easy industry to work in. It demands hard work. While the rewards can be great, they’re in proportion to how hard the task is. So, if you’re going to succeed, then you’ll need to hustle and work hard, and also be patient — opportunities won’t always come as quickly as you’d hope.

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