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The True Power In Word of Mouth Advertising

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Not all recommendations we enjoy will come from our most aggressive marketing tactics, no matter our intentions. You may use the most refined SEO techniques, the strongest advertising efforts, the highest quality video production team and the most targeted social media marketing, but sometimes, the fundamental methods of renown are all that really make that splash.

Mouth Advertising

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Word of mouth is essential for any firm. We will never move past it, no matter how futuristic society becomes. There is nothing like a strongly worded recommendation from a friend, imploring us to visit a certain place. There are businesses that benefit from this more. A high-end store selling sports cars may not benefit much from people sharing the quality of the vehicles with each other, people know that, it’s the cost that will determine their choice. Restaurants on the other hand blossom with word of mouth.

How does word of mouth spread, and how can you ensure your business makes use of it? By providing the following experiences and opportunities of crafting this vital resource:

Bending Over Backwards

Customers recognize when your support department bend over backwards to help your customers. This doesn’t mean you should potentially allow a customer service rep to enact any solution they deem fit. It might be that the customer is not always right, and it’s not uncommon for people to call to complain or redeem financial options to simply fool your firm into providing free matters. Writing a comprehensive and understandable guide, ideally in the form of a keyworded and indexed resource they can search while in a service call is a great idea. It can help a customer service representative feel they have given the best of their ability if they are allowed to think creatively about a solution, but are able to understand the issue within some guiding terms.

Even if a solution cannot be found, it might be that referring the case to a specialist, or at least providing some form of compensation could be a great tactic to use. Sometimes, simply empathizing with a problem over the phone can be a comfortable tactic for a customer to feel they’ve received a good experience. Training your support staff heavily in the conduct and the context of a support call can give your company a good reputation, and allow your service reps to feel some pride in what they do. In a role like customer support, the sheer volume of problems you hear on a daily basis can grind someone down, even someone with heroic patience. Thankfully, you can make things easier for them, if only you train them correctly, and provide them with the authority to enact certain decisions competently.

Contact Information

Your contact information should be memorable. For example, operating a freephone contact number is easy to share when it’s been designed as a repeating number, such as 767 4 767 767. These phones numbers do exist, so it can be quite beneficial to sign with a customer service support provider that allows you this functionality. Just like this, memorable domain names, and memorable email extensions from that can help customers simply keep all of your offering in their working memory. This is why you often see instead of to use an example. Memorable, snappy, reachable addresses and numbers can help friends recommend your firm to others, because it will become the simplest and most recognizable information they have in mind.

Memorable Branding

This previous point carries over to the branding you employ. This is why most business blogs will try to dissuade you from using the most complex and overwhelming branding creativity, even if it feels good to do so. On the other hand, artistic and creative blogs will likely tell you to use the most complex and beautiful branding techniques you can to catch eyes. Which one do you think is the most appropriate? Well, it depends. Which logos do you recall the most? They are often the simplest matters. You can likely think of the Apple logo without any mental work. How about the three circles of the Mickey Mouse logo? How about the golden arches of McDonalds? All of these logos are intensely simple, and as such come to mind without any need to reflect whatsoever. It’s instructive to complete a logo recall quiz online, you’ll likely be surprised at the results. No matter what, memorable branding can help us all become better business people, and to make your business slowly, but surely, become a household name.

But branding doesn’t stop here. Consider the use of memorable jingles, humorous marketing the family can enjoy, or a motto that might have lasted throughout the years. Gillette has used ‘the best a man can get’ for years, and for good reason. First, it rhymes with the brand. It’s sang with heartfelt passion in every advertisement. The genius also lies in that the motto explicitly states it is the best you’ll find, even if it isn’t. Memorable branding like this can last decades, and ensure your products become a staple, even in a small niche.

Promotional Requests

One of the major conveniences of the modern online marketplace is the ability to leave reviews. This means you can foster some excellent testimonials simply by requesting users to discuss your experience. You can use services such as ReviewProPlus to ensure this happens, as asking someone to pay their time towards this can be difficult if not conducted appropriately. You may use this process to also help both you and your customer gain. For example, you might decide to offer a discount for someone leaving a thoughtful review (positive OR negative remember.) In order to post a review, you might ask a user to register an account with their email, allowing you to execute the full guest account transformation process effectively.

With these tips, the true power in word of mouth advertising is sure to work in your favor. We wish you nothing but the best in your efforts.

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