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Five Tips For Hiring Staff With A Great Bedside Manner

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When you are hiring support staff for a healthcare business, you need to be thorough. A medical setting of any genre requires a level of sensitivity as a part of the job, and one of the most important qualities that anyone should look out for in their healthcare staff is a stellar bedside manner. Not only will this help patients to feel cared for, it can make a difference as to whether you would they come back to your healthcare setting.

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It can be difficult to ascertain from a quick interview whether someone has a good bedside manner, but there are ways and means to ensure that you are bringing on the right people for the job when they come on board to your team. Whether you are a treatment center for those with minor injuries or you are a center that offers cancer treatments, candidates need to have a bedside manner that transcends to impress. It’s vital for any business to be aware of their staff and how they behave, so here are five tips to hire staff with a bedside manner to impress.

  • Find people who are passionate about their work. It’s not easy to do, but most healthcare professionals are in the industry because they feel called to be there. While you can’t observe this in an interview, you can bring people in for a trial run and observe their behavior from a distance to see how they treat people. It doesn’t matter whether you are hiring nurses and doctors or you are hiring administrative support staff; how they treat people really does matter.
  • Check out the details. The littlest details in the resumes can tell you a lot about a candidate. Those who have great bedside manners generally have a better attention to detail than others, and you can tell a lot about a person from their resume. Think about the misspellings, grammar and even the formatting. Attention to detail makes a difference.
  • Go with your instinct. You can spend time with someone and get the right vibes or the negative ones, and if you get the right feeling, you can bring in the candidates to your business and set a trial day. Always conduct phone interviews and a face to face first before you do it, to ensure your instinct is correct.
  • Have some humor. If you can have a joke around with a candidate in a relaxed way, you can get a good peek into their actual personality. Most people are guarded when it comes to interviews and you want to get them to relax and unwind a little bit so that you can get to the real them.
  • Collective information. If you find some candidates, you need to let them meet your other staff so that they can form an opinion based on them, too. Once you do this, you can take this information and use it – you want a new person to have a good attitude with your staff, too.

Hiring staff with a good bedside manner is important in a sensitive setting, and you need to have your guard up to ensure you are bringing on the best people for your patients.

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