How to Provide Smart and Safe Support to Your Healthcare Staff

When you are a manager in the healthcare sector you have so many duties to think about. The welfare of your staff members is very high on your priority list and you take their health and wellbeing extremely seriously. Protecting your business is just as important as protecting your employees as they are the hard workers who allow it to run seamlessly every single day. You pride yourself on being a good manager who can find the balance between firmness and fairness. There are however, many things you want to improve on, in order to make your working relationships more successful. Whether you want to support their learning more or monitor their hours more closely, here are some relevant ideas that will help you to provide smart and safe support to your healthcare team at all times.

smart support for healthcare staff
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Support Their Learning

When you hire a new member of staff to work on your team, you have to understand that they may have interests outside of your business. A few examples can be found from Hera BioLabs here, where there are innovative studies being carried out on cancer. Explore these new learning environments with your team members and you might just learn something along the way too. There are so many excellent sources online; simply have to open up your mind to them.

Listen to Their Problems

Your employees should be able to come to you with any problem, no matter how big or small it may be. If you can always let them know you have an opening door and listening ear then they will always feel comfortable coming to talk to you. Take their issues into account and always be understanding; whether it’s a problem at home or in the workplace you should always be ready to help.

Assess Their Mental Health

When people work in stressful and mentally straining it can quickly take its toll if not monitored carefully. If you spot any signs of your workers being affected by mental health issues then you need to talk to them as soon as possible. They may have become reserved and quiet recently or perhaps they have stopped eating properly. Speak to them straight away and try to get to the root of the problem.

Monitor Their Hours

Everyone knows how much pressure people in the healthcare industry are under nowadays; there are more patients than ever and the funding is becoming lower and lower. Don’t allow your members of staff to be overworked and underpaid. Make sure you offer overtime payments or days off in lieu if they have worked above and beyond their contracted hours.

Understand the Rules of Scheduling

When you pull together a rota for your team it can be very easy to overlook the basic rules of scheduling. Make sure that you always allow them at least eleven hours off between each shift otherwise they won’t have enough recovery time to carry out their job. If you are in any doubt, consult the working time directive for more useful information about this.

Allow Them to Progress

Nobody wants to be stuck in the same job for the rest of their lives and as much as you love all your employees you can’t expect them to stay without any progression. You need to offer plenty of appealing options so that they always know they can work their way up the career ladder. Allow them to shadow other members of staff and learn from people who have more experience than them. This will broaden their horizons and give them something to work towards in the future.

Treat Each Person as an Individual

You should always understand that every employee you have is an individual; nobody is going to be exactly the same or share the same opinions as each other. When you hold meetings make sure you allow everybody to be heard equally so that they know their ideas and opinions have been considered.

Organize Team Building Exercises

When you work as such as closely-knit team it is important to keep motivation levels high. You want everybody to have a sense of trust with each other so it is very important that you meet up outside of the workplace. Head off on a day trip or go out for a team dinner one night after work; building those bonds and becoming closer will make everybody much more motivated.

Have Trust in Them

You should never hire somebody to work for you if you don’t trust them. You need to respect their decisions and trust they can complete their job without being pushed by you. As long as you communicate with them when something goes wrong you will always be able to rectify the situation.

Don’t be a Micro-Manager

You probably recall the times when you were micromanaged in your old job. There is nothing more frustrating in the world than being watched carefully when you are trying to carry out your duties. If you trust your employees you should never feel the need to do this. Hold regular catch ups with your workers in order to make sure they are happy and on track.

You never want to be one of those managers that the team dread working with. You want to maintain a good rapport with everybody on your workforce as well as getting the work done effectively. If you haven’t already tried out a manager’s training course, then this is highly recommended. You will learn everything you need to know, from how to manage misdemeanors to holding an effective meeting. Having those skills and that knowledge will equip you extremely well for the future. If you are able to care for your members of staff whilst completely your daily duties you will have achieved it all. So, explore how you could become a better manager or business owner and consider all of the points mentioned here. Your employees will start to respect you more and they will become more motivated in what they do. As long as everybody is happy and well looked after in their roles, you will have done your job perfectly.