Solutions for Food Security Challenges Remain Excellent Ideas for Entrepreneurship

Food security is a greater concern than ever before. According to one study by the United Nations, the human race may not be sustainable by the year 2100, because massive food shortages will be a major problem.

Modern food security concerns are not so severe, but they are still serious cause for concern. Climate change is making it more difficult for societies to produce the food they need to sustain the growing population. Food deserts are also a growing concern. Of course, one of the biggest concerns of all is the number of health problems people have these days, which make it difficult for them to consume food.

food security for entrepreneurs
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While all of these challenges present serious concerns for the global community, they also offer new opportunities for dedicated entrepreneurs. Here are some ways that business owners are tackling food security concerns to generate a profit.

Finding ways to scale food production

Food shortages are one of the biggest concern is that the world faces in the 21st-century. The biggest concern is not producing enough food for the world, but rather making sure that it is accessible. Unfortunately, it is difficult for agricultural companies to develop the necessary supply chain networks to distribute food to people that need it. Some regions are too far away for them to ship food and ensure its quality. Others are not even accessible at all.

Many entrepreneurs are coming up with solutions to scale food production. These include new aquaponic systems, which can help people produce up to four times as much food with 90% less land and water. Other solutions allow people to grow food in their own homes, which is ideal for people living in urban areas where they don’t have large plots of land to grow food on.

Producing food for people with various health problems

Unfortunately, many people have serious health problems which limit their ability to eat. Food allergies are obviously the biggest issue that they face.

One of my brother’s old friends was allergic to almost every natural food known to man. He had to live off of special food that wouldn’t trigger an allergic reaction.

“I can’t express how grateful I am every single day for the companies that produce the food I eat,” he told me. “For many people, new food items are a fad. For me, it is necessary to even survive. I would have died of starvation or an allergic reaction half a century ago. I just have to hope that I never get stranded on a desert island!”

While food allergies are the biggest reasons that people can’t eat normal food, there are other health problems that require attention too. They may have health problems that make it hard for them to process food without using a food thickener. The good news is that new thickeners such as Simply Thick have filled this void.

Tackling Food Challenges will be one of the biggest entrepreneurial opportunities of this century

Food is one of the most basic human needs. Unfortunately, even in the 21st Century, it is not always readily available. There are a lot of reasons that people face the risk of starvation.

There are a number of problems that require solutions. Clever entrepreneurs that tackle these problems will have the opportunity to make a lot of money, while also getting the satisfaction of doing good for the world. What problems do you think food entrepreneurs will tackle next? The opportunities seem virtually endless as we enter a new era of food security challenges around the world.