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Security Hacks For Your Small Business

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When you open up an office for your business in the city, you are finally heading on the right track to success and growth with your new found venture. When it comes to security measures for your new building, here are some of the essential things you should bring into the space to make it as safe as possible for you and your employees.

security hacks for small businesses

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Create better passwords

Passwords can be a pain in the neck but everyone needs to create a good password on their machine if they are to keep sensitive information and data safe during the working week. Make sure you either use a password generator or assign rules for your employees to follow and change passwords every 3 months for maximum safety and security. This is crucial to keep your data safe and ensure that no one can steal information from you.

Use a fob system

A fob system is a type of door system which allows you to only open the doors of your building if the person has a fob which is authorized to enter. This can be a huge leap for the security of your building because it stops just anyone entering the office and trying to steal from you. You can set different preferences in different parts of the building to make sure only the authorized parties are able to enter certain zones of the building.

Get extra measures

If you are in charge of valuable items in your building or you are working for something which is sensitive, you might be under a much bigger risk of being targeted for an attack and being stolen from. Therefore, something like a Gun Detection System can be a helpful tool to have in the office to ensure the safety of everyone inside the building. Make sure you take a look at the measures you can put into place because you can never have too much security.

Install cameras

Cameras can be a huge deterrent to both people thinking of breaking into the office and also to any employees who are messing around during the day or stealing stationery from the workplace. It is always helpful to be able to keep tabs on your workers and the outside world, and if anything, ever did happen you would be able to trace it back on the cameras and find out who it was.

Hire a guard

If you are dealing with a lot of goods in and out of your building each day and it can easily be stolen, it is worth you hiring a security guard who will not only be responsible for all of the security measures you put in place, but will also be on the watch constantly to make sure that your building is safe and your workers are safe. It can be a handy thing to have if someone tries to steal from you because the guard can chase them down to be arrested right away instead of having to wait to identify them on a camera.

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