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5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Is Not Growing

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  • Here are five major reasons your company is not growing, which you will need to address to be successful.

Nobody said running a business was easy. Around 45% of businesses fail within the first five years. Unfortunately, that isn’t the only issue they face – many businesses also struggle to grow.

Starting a business is a challenging experience that will test your business skills, but it will also make you gain new knowledge about being your own boss. Many details should be paid attention to when you are trying to start a new business, and after reading the advice listed below, you will learn what you have to do to improve your business and make it successful.

Remember that starting a business will always have ups and downs. So what should you do if your company has been around for several years and is not growing? It is likely that you have been making several mistakes and that, until now, you have not realized it. However, now you will be able to identify the problems you will need to fix so that your company will finally start to grow. Of course, you don’t want to try growing your business too fast either, but it is a good idea to take the right steps to grow at a reasonable pace.

You Are Not Taking Your Business Seriously

Your business success will depend on how serious and consistent you are about operating it. Some people usually start a small business as if it were a hobby or a part-time activity. You are unlikely to be successful if you start a business with that motivation, but you must invest many more hours and effort to make your business grow and level up.

You can establish a rigorous schedule to work in your business, just as if it were working hours you must comply with daily. If a schedule does not fit your lifestyle, you can set daily goals to meet, like making a certain number of sales or producing several items. Another idea to help your business grow more quickly is to create a bank account just for your business finances.

Keeping your business income in a separate account will keep your business and personal money from being mixed. It is crucial to respect the petty cash and capital of your company. Using your company’s money for your personal expenses will decrease the balance of the business in things that are not related to it. If at the end of the month you notice that the income was not as expected or you see red numbers, you should not be surprised.

Your Shipping Costs Are Too High

One thing that often puts off buyers is spending a lot on shipping costs. If your store’s shipping is very high, customers may prefer to shop at other stores with more affordable options. There are different shipping services, such as FirstMile, that simplify the entire pick-up and delivery process and also lower costs.

There will always be clients who want to pay a higher price for faster shipping, so you should also offer different options so that your customers can receive their packages in fewer days than usual. You could also provide free shipping above a certain amount to encourage clients to buy more and get that free shipping benefit. Regarding your store’s shipments, it is time to get creative to offer your customers something practical, efficient, and innovative.

You Do Not Have Social Media

It seems impossible that a business does not have a social network at this point, but it continues to happen. Social media has become a catalog where people can meet new companies or stores and make purchases. For example, stores can create a profile to display their prices and receive requests via private messages. But being present in a single social network is not enough. Just imagine all the public you are missing by staying in a single app and not creating an account on another social network.

TikTok is a platform that has become very popular among stores. There are hundreds of videos and trends that you can create to make your products and services viral, and the best thing is that it is not as hard as it seems. This app allows you to edit videos easily without needing a camera or professional lights, but using your phone will be enough. Expand your online presence, and you will see how more customers will find your business.

You Neglect Your Customers

You must consolidate your customers if you want to have monthly sales. It is not enough to sell, and thank you for the purchase. You must implement a strategy so that your customers do not forget you and remain interested in your products. Newsletters are a very popular method in which large businesses keep in touch with their customers and send an email periodically. It can be weekly or monthly, with interesting information regarding your products and offers or promotions.

Other businesses choose to send text messages to their customers, informing them about news, discounts, and new products. The goal of staying in touch with your customers is for them to notice that you take them into account. If a customer makes a purchase and never hears from you again, they probably do not even remember your brand name.

You Have Many Debts

Starting a business and taking a loan is a risky move since it is the same as starting your project while in debt. Business News Daily has some good advice on how to go about it, but it won’t be easy.

Many people choose to apply for a bank loan to start their business and finance raw materials, the purchase of furniture, or inventory. However, this often becomes a mistake when you do not have the appropriate financial situation to pay the loan back.

You must weigh the pros and cons before applying for a loan, y and be honest about whether you can handle the responsibility that a loan implies. In case you decide to take the loan, try to use it correctly and not for personal expenses, and also take care of paying it on the agreed dates so that you do not receive penalties or affect your credit history.


Being a small business owner is quite an adventure in which you will experience good times and eventually some bad ones. If you avoid making the mistakes mentioned in this list, you will make your business grow continuously, and you will achieve bigger profits and better results from all your effort. Try to strengthen your relationship with your customers, increase your online presence, and reduce your debts and your shipping costs. All this will increase the professional image of your business.

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