Reasons Why Bosses Hate Accounting

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Well, maybe they don’t hate the entire subject of accounting – they just hate doing it for themselves. And who could blame them? It’s a time-consuming task, that can create a lot of trouble for the business if anything goes wrong. Accounting isn’t for everyone, and it takes someone with a brain completely geared towards financing, and having completed the right degree to be any good at it, not to mention having the right level of experience.

why bosses hate accounting

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When you’re running a business, there are so many things that need to be done, and that demand your attention that you can’t possibly do everything by yourself, which is why so much is delegated to employees or outsourced through sites like Not having to do everything yourself is the whole point of having employees in the first place. Even if you enjoyed accounting, or content writing, or any other number of things that are best delegated to someone else, there simply isn’t enough time in the day for one person to do everything.

Accounting is a time-consuming task, as we mentioned before, that needs to be done perfectly, or the entire business can land in serious trouble. It is such an important part of the business that a lot of newbie bosses feel like they can’t delegate the work, even though it’s cutting into their valuable time and could be done a lot quicker, and much better, by someone else.

Hiring a bookkeeper, or contracting an accountant from companies like could not only save you time but save you money. Spending money here to have these vital bits of mathematical paperwork correctly sorted could prevent you from having to pay millions down the road in law suits, debts and even tax fines purely because a number or two were overlooked or misplaced.

The money issue is the main concern for a business – it’s what is holding the company together after all, but a lot of bosses have admitted that they simply hate the task, because of how tedious, detailed and time-consuming it all is.

Accountants are amazing at their jobs; their minds run on numbers and can organise your affairs in moments – or at least the good ones can. You wouldn’t ask a painter to catalogue the parts that create a functioning rocket. Or a ballerina to be able to play every piece of music they dance to – they could learn and have a go, but it doesn’t make sense when a person who can already do those things, and do them to a high level, is sitting there waiting for you to pay them to do it.

‘Bosses hate accounting’  – really they just hate the time it takes away from them, and don’t see why it’s a skill they should master when there are so many talented accountants out there whose sole job is to do the accounting for you. So why would they feel any different?

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