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5 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Invest in Real Estate During the Coronavirus Epidemic

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  • Real estate investing could be the perfect business opportunity to consider during the thick of the pandemic.

Are you an entrepreneur that is trying to find a lucrative new business opportunity during the pandemic? We talked a lot about marketing ideas to try after the pandemic, but we thought it might be good to cover some good business opportunities while dealing with COVID-19. You might want to consider looking into real estate investing.

This could even be a good opportunity during the pandemic. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed the way we live. From the way we socialize, shop, dine, work, and even invest. Everything is different from the way we knew it just a year ago. 

As we have had to adapt to a “new normal”, we have had to change nearly every aspect of our lives. Instead of going to the grocery store, we now have our groceries delivered, we have zoom calls instead of face-to-face visits, and we now work from home instead of in an office full of other people.

Today, we have a hard time even recognizing each other because we are all wearing facemasks as a form of protection from the COVID-19 virus. This is something that you need to consider while developing a business strategy during this pandemic.

Investing During the Covid-19 Pandemic:

Investment opportunities have also changed during the global pandemic. Today, investors are looking more deeply into their potential investments. They are looking at a company’s financials, as well as whether the company is poised for growth during and after the pandemic.

While investment options are different, investors are still choosing to invest in Real Estate.

Real Estate Investing in 2021:

Many people are still investing in Real Estate despite the COVID-19 pandemic, but with the uncertain economy, many people are looking for new opportunities.

Here are some of the top options for those looking for unique, new investment options that will pay off down the road.

  1. Investing in halfway houses and sober living facilities: Many investors have not yet heard about this option, but many people are starting halfway houses and sober living facilities because they are financially advantageous. If the house is large enough to accommodate several people and all the zoning, insurance, permits, and licenses are filed according to local requirements. It can be a great way to get reoccurring income from your investment. The best part is, in many cases, you can open up your first halfway house with no down payment in around 90 days.
  2. Financing options have changedIn many instances, the availability of credit is limited, but financing rates are low for those that qualify. If an investor meets the lenders’ guidelines, they can refinance a property at a lower interest rate. You can also borrow against the equity of other property at historically low-interest levels.
  3. According to Wells Fargo, Real Estate has been a better investment than other investments during the pandemic. While personal property owners may be struggling to collect their rent, industrial properties remained strong during the shutdown due to the need for warehousing space due to the influx of people ordering products online instead of in brick-and-mortar retail outlets.
  4. Some continue to find house flipping still a viable income builder. It does take some guts but many still find that flipping houses is a viable option. According to a report by ATTOM Data Solutions, there were over 200,000 flipped properties in 2020. This number has continued to climb since 2006 and is now at an 11-year high. The report also states that the return on investment on flipped homes remains strong.
  5. The Washington Post notes that many investors still find single-and small multi-family income-producing properties a great deal, especially in smaller towns, outside the big cities. The cash flow in smaller cities means better financial security.

2021 is the Right Time to Begin Investing in a Halfway House or Sober Living Facility Today:

While many see COVID-19 as complete devastation of things the way we knew them, it has still provided new opportunities to become financially solvent. 

As you can see many unique investment opportunities are still making money. The Real Estate market continues to innovate and produce new options for those willing to look outside the box.

If you are considering investing in halfway houses or sober living homes, do not do anything until you have consulted with the experts at Open Up a Halfway House. Their website is full of information and you can fill out a form to have one of their investors show you how you can invest in a home for no cost. 

Do not put your financial future on the line, find out how Open Up a Halfway House can help you today.

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