How PGP BlackBerry Encryption Can Keep Your Business Safe

Cyber security has never been a greater concern for companies and organizations of every size. In the past year alone, a number of high profile attacks have left industry-watchers shaken, and the three largest-ever attacks in terms of number of people affected have all taken place in the last four years. At the same time, there is more active malware now than there has been at any other time in history, with new strains being created every day.

In this environment, maintaining the highest level of security around corporate communications is vital to the health of any business or organization, and doing so requires more than standard off-the-shelf security software. In order to provide truly secure end-to-end communications and guarantee privacy of communications, encryption is the best option, so you should consider PGP BlackBerry encryption services for your business if you want to make sure your sensitive information is kept safe.

Shutterstock Licensed Photo – By Panchenko Vladimir

Standard email is not as secure as most users assume, and it is easier than you might think for third parties to gain access to our email communications. This is especially true when conducting business internationally, in areas that have lax regulations and few Internet privacy protections. Encryption protects information sent by email because it makes it impossible to read without the proper encryption key, which is only accessible to the designated receiver.

Hackers can, however, get around encryption by infecting devices with spyware and malware through other access points. For this reason, people who are serious about cyber security will use PGP encrypted devices like BlackBerry smartphones that have had all functions except their PGP Email disabled, which ensures that hackers can’t enter the phone through social media applications, the Internet, or other entry points.

PGP encryption has been around since 1991, and while it is open source software, it can be extremely difficult for non-experts to navigate. In order to guarantee the highest degree of security, most organizations seeking to keep their communications confidential are turning to encryption providers to set them up with the right equipment and customer support. When doing so it is important to work with an encryption provider with an established reputation, an extensive background in encryption software and technology, and a commitment to transparency.

Fortunately, while there are plenty of players on the encryption scene who operate on a low profile and about whom there isn’t a lot of reliable information, there are also companies like Calgary’s Myntex, which have established themselves as open, professional alternatives that can offer high quality products and an extensive whitelist as well as ongoing customer service and support.

Cyber crime has become a ubiquitous threat to businesses of all sizes, so it is important to make sure your company has the best possible security measures in place to ensure ease of doing business without compromising the safety and integrity of its communications. PGP encryption is one of the most reliable solutions for keeping your business’s confidential information safe.