In-Store Advertising Advice: Basic Rules to Follow

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Nowadays more and more focus is being placed on online marketing techniques. However, this does not mean that we should ignore the traditional strategies that we have been using for years and years now. Whether it is a print advertisement in your local magazine or a display box inside your store, there are various different techniques you should use if you want your marketing campaign to be a success. In this post we are going to talk about in-store advertising in particular. From counter display units to window displays, there are many great benefits to be gained by advertising effectively in-store. Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know…

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Why in-store advertising works

Did you know that approximately 70 per cent of shoppers make their purchase decisions when they are in your store? This statistic alone is reason enough to back up the argument for investing in in-store advertising. It showcases how much of an influence you can have over shoppers when they are in your store, as most of them will not have made their mind up regarding purchases yet.

One of the most effective techniques for in-store advertising is undoubtedly having a display box near the checkout. Why is this so effective? Well, when shoppers are waiting in the queue to pay for something, they don’t have a lot of time to think about the potential purchase. They see something they like by the counter. However, instead of having the time to ponder the purchase, they need to make a snap decision, which often leads to them buying more than they intended to. This is why you will often find cheaper items by the checkout, as customers are less likely to think twice about putting an added item in their basket if it is a cheap one.

In-store sales signs can work really well. Someone may have come in your store with the intention of buying a new pair of shoes for example. However, when they see that there is a twenty per cent discount on nightwear it is likely that they will check this out, even though they had no intention of looking at nightwear when they first came into the store.

On a final note, it is also worth pointing out that nowadays a lot of companies are opting to integrate their in-store advertising with their online marketing strategy. Q code posters are a prime example of this. They allow customers to connect with the store’s app and such like. This is definitely worth considering.

Checkout display counter advertising

A successful advertising campaign is one that uses many different strategies. One of these strategies should definitely be checkout display counter advertising. The same applies if you have a smart locker whereby people make retail collections; you should have advertising here too. Any retail store should consider using this form of marketing if they want to increase their profit levels. Display counter advertising by the payment area offers something different from any other type of in-store marketing.

One of the main reasons why this form of advertising is so advantageous is because customers have to think on the spot. They don’t have time to ponder the decision. They reach the checkout and they have a split second to decide whether they want to buy the items you are advertising. This can often lead to impulse buys and thus people purchase something they wouldn’t usually if it was advertised at another part of the store. This is why a lot of store owners elect to display lower priced items when it comes to checkout advertising because people are more likely to chuck something into their basket without consideration if it is cheap.

This type of display counter advertising is also cost efficient. The only thing you need to do is purchase a counter display unit. You can find these available for low prices. Moreover, you have a whole host of design and customization options available to you. You can have the unit printed in a bespoke design. This gives you the opportunity to brand your company to full affect and leave a lasting impression on every customer that purchases from your store, whether they take an item from the unit or not. You leave a lasting impression and this is crucial. You can also switch up your advertising on a regular basis. You can showcase different products. If you notice that something isn’t performing well you can easily change to another item. Moreover, you may wish to change your items based on the seasons, different public holidays and such like.

It really is not difficult to see why so many store owners choose to invest in checkout display counter advertising. This is a strategy that can reap wonders for your business by increasing the number of sales you make in your shop. The only thing you need to do now is find the perfect counter display units for your company. There is a lot to consider but ultimately you want to make sure that the units standout and that they reflect your brand. If you do this, you cannot go too wrong and you can expect to see results pretty much immediately.

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