How Your Business Could Be Damaging The Planet

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Businesses both big and small can damage the planet if they don’t take the steps to avoid it. You can’t think that you’re an exception if you run a small business, as there will always be something you can do to improve your impact. Below, we’ll take a look at how your business could be damaging the planet.

how your business is damaging the environment

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1.         Making Employees Come In When They Don’t Need To

Rethink how many hours your business is operational. The only system of Monday to Friday, nine to five seems to be slowly falling away. If you can, having employees work from home every so often can be a huge help to the environment and could even save you money on overheads.

2.         Not Getting Everybody On The Same Page

Everybody should be on the same page with what your business is trying to do. Put up notices so they know not to print unless absolutely necessary, they know to turn whatever they are using off, and so on.

3.         Partnering With Businesses That Don’t Care

Most businesses need to work with other businesses to provide their services or products. However, if you’re working with businesses that simply don’t care, the negative impact on the environment will be doubled. Make sure anybody you work with cares as much as you.

4.         Using The Wrong Resources

Make sure you know which resources are actually better for the planet. For example, plastic paletts are actually better than wood pallets – check out the infographic below!

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