Growing Global Gaming Industry Creates New Opportunities for Affiliates

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The affiliate marketing industry is expected to be worth $6.8 billion by 2021. There are a number of opportunities for ambitious affiliates, but few are stronger than those in the digital gaming industry.

The digital gaming industry is growing at an impressive rate. The market for mobile gaming alone is growing 13.3% a year. As the market continues to grow, affiliates will be able to capitalize off of even more opportunities.

However, there are a number of challenges that digital gaming affiliates will need to overcome. The opportunities in this vertical are massive. This means that the competition is also huge. However, it is well worth the effort for affiliate marketers to try to carve out a share of the online gaming market. They just need to have the right strategy in place.

Here are some ideas that will help gaming affiliates get an edge over there competition.

Explore markets in various countries

Many affiliate marketers try to invest all of their time and resources trying to penetrate the Western European market. The biggest opportunities used to be available in the United States, until the United States Department of Justice issued indictments against three companies violating the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This left western European countries as the biggest market. Affiliates spent most of their time and energy trying to reach customers in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and other large countries.

The thing is that there are lots of opportunities in other countries as well. The digital gaming market in Eastern Asia and Australia is booming. A number of countries are trying to move many of their larger gaming establishments online. Sometimes this is done with the blessing of local authorities that want to capture more tax revenue. In other circumstances, companies are offering digital gaming services on the black market where it is easier to escape a regulatory sanctions.

Australia is a growing market for online gaming as well. It was worth $1.06 billion in 2017, which was a 15% increase from the previous year. Gaming affiliates that want to capitalize off this market can make a lot of money working with the right companies, such as PlayAmo. PlayAmo in Australia is one of the biggest growing companies on the Eastern Hemisphere. The company offers over 2,000 slots and other games, which is one of the reason it stands out amongst competitors and is a preferred partner among affiliates.

In either event, affiliates have the opportunity to make a lot of money promoting digital gaming companies in other countries. They can usually face fewer marketing costs, which makes it easier to create a profitable model than it would be if they were investing all of the resources in Europe.

Take advantage of new social media platforms

There are a lot of opportunities for digital gaming affiliates to reach customers these days. Affiliates should be worry about dedicating all of their resources to search engine marketing.

Getting a website to rank well in Google is a lot harder these days and it used to be. Google has changed its algorithms to ensure that it takes longer for websites to rank, so that new websites can’t just come in and rank quickly. Google has also started using an algorithm to penalize sites that use sketchy content.

What does this mean for digital gaming affiliates? They should consider using different strategies. There are a lot of social media sites that they could consider using instead of focusing all of their resources on search engine optimization. They will see results a lot more quickly.

Be careful when choosing online advertising platforms

There are a lot of online advertising platforms available. However, many of them are not very friendly to advertisers trying to promote digital gaming.

You should familiarize yourself with the rules of every online gaming platform. Bing, Google and Facebook will not allow those types of fats under any circumstances. However, PPV platforms like RTX will allow digital gaming advertisements, as long as they are legal in the jurisdiction in question.

Affiliates need to understand the opportunities available in the digital gaming vertical

The digital gaming industry is growing rapidly. There are a number of new opportunities for gaming companies and Affiliates a light. However, they need to be aware of the challenges and the level of competition. They will need to adapt the right strategy if they want to get a share of this growing market.

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