How To Up Your Company’s Event Marketing Game in 2022

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Are you trying to turbocharge your company’s event marketing game? There’s a lot of competition, but there are proven ways to get more attention and attendees for your company’s next event.

Let’s take a close look at how to improve your event marketing.

Understand The Stakeholders

The better your organization understands its audience and attendees, the better the event will be and the more people who will show up. One way to spread the word about your event is to market to several personas.

You decide on the personas you market to by understanding who your most common partners and customers are. Some of the personas you might market to include:

  • A young professional who just started in the telecommunications field and is looking for their first job in the industry. He wonders if it’s worth his time to attend to get job leads.
  • A telecommunications marketing manager who wants to gain connections to find another job.
  • The CEO of a start-up who is considering going to the event to find vendors.
  • A CEO about to retire who is thinking about sponsoring your event.

For each persona, you should consider their motivations for coming to the event. Try to appeal to them in your marketing materials and more people will come.

Use Superior SEO For Your Event Website

A lot of people rely on Google to find events that interest them. It will help your event marketing efforts if you show up in some of those searches.

You can improve the SEO for your event marketing website by understanding the keywords people use to search for these types of events. You can rely on Google’s keyword planner to find the most important keywords.

After you know what keywords to focus on, your website content should feature informative content that contains those keywords. Over time, your Google rank should rise and more people will be made aware of your event.

Keep in mind that you should start these SEO efforts several months in advance of your event; effective SEO takes time.

Leverage Social Media

No event marketing campaign is complete without using major social media channels to get the word out. No matter if you like social media or not, there’s no question it’s essential for getting people to your event.

Choose a few critical social media channels to promote your event; it may be counterproductive to try to be on every social media site in existence. Some of the most important ones are:

  • Facebook: Of course. Facebook is great for promoting your event and interacting with attendees.
  • Twitter: Effective for fast, by-the-minute updates before and during your event. Don’t forget to use your hashtag.
  • LinkedIn: If the event is geared towards business professionals, this is a must. LinkedIn is one of the best places to find and interact with working professionals.

Use Fantastic Speaker Pictures And Bios

One of the most important parts of effectively marketing your event is to feature impressive speakers and bios on your website and in marketing collateral. The better the speakers and the more impressive their bios, the more people will flock to your event.

Send Your Marketing Materials To Attendees

Event marketing isn’t simply about your organization doing the promotions. Your current and past attendees can help!

If you have had similar events before, you can ask previous attendees to post images or videos of the upcoming event on their social feeds. It helps if they also post the event hashtag you’re using.

Nothing is more effective for event marketing than when prospects and attendees talk it up. It will make them want to not miss out on the fun and excitement.

Remember these simple and effective event marketing tips and your event will be a hit.

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