How to Grow Your Design Business with Lead Magnets

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Every business in this world requires visibility and attention; without that, it’s impossible to scale a business and see it grow. You might have launched a website design business, and doing all the projects with hard work and determination; still, you can’t just rely on a handful of clients because you have some goals to achieve.

grow business with lead magnets

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In order to have potential leads, you can’t ignore the internet at all, because many leads come from the online environment, which you can convert with your business tricks and skill. The main question is how these online leads can be generated.

Online leads can only be generated if you are actively promoting your business online, and there are many processes to promote a website design business online, one of them is having your own website. If you can manage to have good traffic on your website, then there are many ways to generate more and more leads daily.

One of the ways is lead magnets. Now you might not be aware of lead magnets at all, or you might have heard about it a little bit. So in this article, the discussion will be about the concept of lead magnets and how you can grow your business with it.

Let’s begin with the concept of lead magnet.

Definition of Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are basically offering some incentives to the website visitors in exchange for their contact details or e-mail address. Here incentives mean downloadable digital content which can be a pdf file of case study, any useful report, educational video, white book, eBook, etc.

Now the question is why prospect clients would provide you their e-mail ID.

The lead magnet has to offer some attractive contents or videos that people are willing to know, and those contents can be a business tactic to promote website design services. These lead magnets are considered the first phase of the selling process because those clients who are subscribing to your feeds by providing their e-mail ID are the ones who are interested in your content and services.

Why Are Lead Magnets best for Website Design Companies?

The main advantages of lead magnets are:

  1. If you are in a website design field, then you don’t have to pay any other person to design the lead magnets for you. So it’s cost effective, and another thing is that designing a lead magnet will be such an easy task for your company.
  2. You don’t have to go and find clients online; the lead magnet would do the task for you by luring prospective clients to your site.
  3. You don’t need to keep in touch with your clients via e-mail, because once the e-mail address of a visitor is updated, the process of keeping the conversation ongoing is automated.
  4. You can expect a huge return on investment (ROI). As it’s going to be cost effective for you, you still have to create it once, and you have to channelize it in every social media for more traffic.
  5. It can create a positive impact on your client’s mind because the lead magnet will make them remember your website design services so your company won’t be an XYZ company, it will have its own presence.

How can you use Lead Magnets to grow your business?

As I mentioned before, whatever you are offering as an incentive via lead magnets has to be attractive and engaging. Here are a few ideas of making the most by using lead magnets.

  1. Informational:

If you don’t have good writing skills, then you have to rely on someone. He or she can write you an eBook.  EBooks are a natural way of generating leads online. The eBooks should have the engaging factor that people would love to read by subscribing to your feeds.

  1. Educational:

You can try to educate your clients by offering some free courses over the email. Make sure the courses are practical and interesting for your target audience.

  1. Video:

If you don’t want to pay anyone for writing an eBook or you don’t want to write anything, then videos are another effective solution.

  1. Templates:

You can offer the visitors some free templates that they can download after they subscribe by providing their e-mail ID. However, pay attention to those marketing strategies that need a designer’s touch, those can be:

  • E-mail design
  • Social media kits
  • Icons set
  • Mobile apps, etc
  1. Interactive quiz:

Quizzes are a very important thing when it’s about lead magnets. Those are entertaining and educational too. Visitors will easily attend quizzes by subscribing. Try to make the questions of the quiz related to the topic of your website design services to gain the attention of interested clients.

There are some things you need to keep on your mind while creating a lead magnet; those are:

  • Clear promise: the design or message of your lead magnet has to make a definite promise for providing a solution that the client is in need of.
  • Keep the contents short: admit it, neither of us have the time to read a 100 pages e-book. So everything that you are offering using lead magnet has to be short.
  • Balance the design and utility: you have to make the lead magnet’s design attractive, but if you only take care of the outer look, you might lose the essence of the content. There has to be a good balance between them.
  • If you have previously solved other query, ask them to give you good reviews. You can use these reviews in social media while promoting your business.

You have to be proactive to make your lead magnet get its required attention, so there are a few tricks you can apply to make people notice your lead magnet.

  • Pop-ups: it’s an old trick, but it works.
  • Guest post: submit a guest post in those websites is always good, you can use the lead magnet by adding it as a backlink, or you can add it in your bio.
  • Social media sponsorship: you can have sponsored ads running in Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.
  • Be active on social media: share your views by being active in groups or pages; thus, you can promote the lead magnet.
  • Landing page: lead magnets require a landing page to make viewers realize why they need the help of the offered content. The landing page doesn’t need to be highly designed, but the main purpose is to send a clear message to the visitors.

I hope I have covered all the basics, what the lead magnet is and how you can use it to fully promote and get value for your services. In the beginning, try to provide a solution for the core problems by the use of your lead magnets then try to use more lead magnets for more traffic. Just remember unsubscribing from a newsletter is easy for the clients if they don’t find the solution or engaging topic. Obviously, the most important thing is to design a website that looks impressive for a first-time visitor, if they like your website from the first glance they will spend some time to explore it, and that will be a kick start to use your lead magnets properly.

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