Getting On With Co Workers: The Manual

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The environment at work does a lot of things to us: makes us hungry, sad, bored, and a lot of the time it throws us together with people we would never see outside of work. Usually you all learn to get along and have a fun time together whilst you’re at the office or on the shop floor, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that well. Ultimately, you can very easily butt heads with someone else when it comes to the workplace, and that often makes going to work a lot harder. However, there’s some ways around this if you’re willing to compromise just a little on your hard stance. Here’s some ideas to start with.

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Learn What Respect Actually is

When it comes to having to respect someone you unfortunately dislike, we can skip out on quite a few rules. However, we can’t really afford to do this at the end of the day. We have to work around these people, talk to them and often collaborate, and because of that a touch of civility goes far.

Your coworker of annoyance is usually not all bad, but you can’t focus on anything other than that facet of their personality! With this in mind, mainly all you have to do is say hello and bye when they’re around, and then forget about them. It’s simple and goes far.

Try Sharing a Desk

This sounds like the last thing you’d ever want to do, but getting to know someone on a more personal level can work wonders for professional relationships. Having to work in harmony often means we foster our own ways of making sure we can get on with the other person. There’s no point in simply putting up with annoyances, and there’s no use in antagonizing each other when you both need the stapler at the same time.

Therefore, introduce a co working space to your environment if you really need to try and make yourselves get along, or as a boss you don’t see two of your best employees working well together.

Arrange Some Meetings

And not the formal type; people who already aren’t fans of each other won’t work well around a board table. Instead, as a boss, get people together to make sure they know each other, it often goes a long way to making the workplaces much less frosty!

Have office parties and after work drinks to see how well your employees rub together, and use this to your advantage when it comes to pairing people together on stations. You want the company to succeed and the people in it to do just as well, and this will offer you plenty of insights into how you can make that a reality.

You’re not always going to get on with everyone, and it’s a fact of life that you’re going to have to work with people you don’t like. Yet, you need the quiet confidence to know you’ll be fine if someone doesn’t like you.

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