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7 Freelancers You Should Hire to Help Your Small Business

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So, you’ve got to that point in your business’s life cycle where you need to work with another business to grow and really coming to your own? Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards building your business bigger and brighter than most businesses ever will get, but who should you hire and why?

Hiring the Right Talent

Hiring people to work with your business is a completely different aspect than hiring people to work for your business. If you have somebody working for your business, who is on your payroll, you are responsible for training them and for exactly how they work. However, someone who works for your business is usually an outsourced party, and so you do not need to concern yourself with training them up in the same way.

While you may eventually be big enough as a company to bring in employees dedicated to a particular task, like those mentioned below, it’s much more likely that, at the beginning of your business, you will be hiring out important jobs like these to freelancers and agencies. Here are seven tasks that a freelancer will be able to do for your business, rather than you try to learn how to do yourself.

1. A Content Creator

Content creators are generally all-around creatives. They understand marketing and how to follow a set of marketing compliance guidelines, as well as casting a creative eye over your digital assets. If they don’t know this, you should make them aware of this to ensure that you are 100% certain that the work they help you with doesn’t harm your efforts long term.

Content creators can usually work on a range of different types of content, such as your website, social media posts and graphics, blogs, and articles that you share with the general public. Getting an all-around content creator to work with your business, especially if your business is a small business, can be really cost-effective, especially if your marketing budget is quite small.

2. A Photographer

If you need your business to be presented in a specific way and to look good, then hiring a professional photographer to take photographs of your business, your employees, your products, or any other aspect of your daily work is a great idea.

A professional photographer will understand how to get exactly the look that you are looking for, and they will be able to guide you in selecting the best visuals to show off the best of your business.

3. A Social Media Manager

So many businesses think that social media can be done by anyone who has a Facebook account, but this is so much further from the truth, especially when it comes to professional social media accounts.

Professional social media managers will understand how to create content, share content, and engage with your community in a way that is right for your business and in a manner that is likely to promote your business rather than get your business into trouble. Social media managers come into their own, especially when there are issues with the community, such as when facing lots of negative feedback and trolls, for example.

4. A Recruitment Specialist

It’s not only marketing tasks that hiring professionals is really useful for when it comes to business, but human resources tasks are another area that can be absolutely critical. A recruitment specialist will be able to recruit people for your business in a way that is cost-effective and quick.

Hiring the right talent to work for your business is something that can be very difficult to do objectively, which is why getting in a freelance recruitment specialist to do the hiring on your behalf is a really good idea. Recruitment specialists are not cheap, but they should be able to effectively pay for themselves in the quality of their results.

5. An Accountant

Speaking of professionals who should be able to pay for themselves, hiring a professional accountant to do your bookkeeping and accounts is a must for businesses that are looking to move from the dining table into the big league!

Getting things right when it comes to accounts and tax, for example, can be a real headache, especially for business owners who went into business not for the numbers side but for the products side. This mainly happens with businesses that are more creative, for example.

Accountants work with all kinds of businesses, from one-man-band businesses, right up to massive corporations, and they should be able to help you make great financial decisions as a business owner.

6. A Human Resources Specialist

As your business grows, the need to hire people to work for you and carry out some of the tasks of your business will also increase. You may be a small store that needs checkout staff, a service provider who needs telephone operatives, or even a sales business that needs salespeople, but if you haven’t got a human resources department, you could be leaving yourself wide open to breaking the law.

Human resources specialists work for companies and liaise between company owners, and directors, and the rest of the people who work for the company. HR specialists will ensure that the company as a whole is working within the letter of the law and supporting its employees both mentally and physically.

If your business is quite small, under ten members of staff, then it may be worth hiring out the role of human resources specialist to a freelancer who will be able to work with your business and keep your business compliant as well as keep your staff happy.

7. An IT Specialist

Last but not least, your business could probably do with having a freelance IT specialist on hand to help with any IT issues you may face and to ensure that your IT systems are secure and well maintained to avoid any serious crashes. Most businesses these days, no matter what they do, will need some kind of digital interaction, a reliable IT network, and reliable IT equipment.

Hiring a freelance IT specialist will mean that you have the services of an entire IT department at your fingertips without having to specifically hire an IT department full-time. This can save small businesses an absolute fortune in the long run.

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