Does a Unique Business Name Really Make a Difference?

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The name of your business plays an important role in its success. This post from Inc. illustrated this well when it talked about some of the worst business names ever. Some of these names include Anal Jewelry Center and Cock Polishing Services.

You need to take the point to heart. When you think of a business, odds are the first thing you think of is the name of the business. The name of your business is a crucial tool that you can use to get more interested customers, to make sure that your business comes to mind when they are thinking of a product, and to make a big difference in the overall success of your business. When it comes to naming your business, are unique business name ideas better or should you opt for run of the mill?

Should Your Business Name Be Unique?

One of the best reasons for a unique business name is that it is going to set you apart from other businesses that sell similar products or similar services. As we said in a previous post, this is one of the most important aspects of starting a business. A good example might be a business that sells pizza. Are you more likely to remember a place called Pizza Store, or one that is called Hal’s Brick Oven Pizza? You are more likely to remember a unique and special name that has plenty of descriptors.

Another reason you might want a unique name is to help add the most description possible so that people remember your business and so that they are able to recall it when they are actually looking for a business that offers the services or the products that you offer. Unique names help stick in the memory and help to allow your customers to know just what you offer and also help to add a bit of personality to your business and to what you have to offer.

Unique names are also more fun than boring, one-note names and can help show how much fun you and your business are and how much fun you have when you are working and helping customers. Unique names certainly help to promote your business and bring more notice to your business.

Should Your Business Name be Practical?

There is also some measure of benefit if you do have a name that is less unique and more focused on being practical and less unique. In cases where you are running a business that does very simple things or that is very practical like a law firm, you might want to opt for a name that is going to be descriptive but that is not so unique or so hard to remember.

You also want to remember that brevity is going to make remembering the business name easier and is going to help you to make an impact without being too overly catchy or too overly unique. The name of your business can make a huge difference in the way that your business grows as well. The name is going to be what people remember when they are looking for a company that does what you do or sells what you sell.

When choosing your business name, you really do have to take the time to find the right name that is going to grow with you and your business, that is going to fit your business for years to come, and that is going to help your business to become the business you have always dreamed of. It is so important to take the time to make sure that you are taking the time to consider all the options, to find a name that fits, and to make sure you fine-tune it to meet all the needs of your business and your vision for your business and the future of your business and the growth. Businesses do need to have a great name, and the name makes all the difference.

Tagline: A good business requires an excellent name to stand out and thrive.

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