The Dirty Secrets Businesses Must Know About Marketing Gimmicks

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There are lots of options available to businesses that want to advertise their brand. Nowadays, the shift is towards online marketing thanks to the effectiveness of social media, SEO and PPC. But, the one trick which is still in use today and doesn’t seem to be going away is a gimmick. In simple terms, it’s a novelty event which draws a crowd, makes them say “wow,” and raises awareness of the company. But, not everyone can make them work. Indeed, lots of industry pros think they are a waste of time.

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However, they don’t know these dirty little secrets.

They Work

The reason they have been and are still around in 2017 is that they are effective. The question is why when consumers are more switched on than ever, and the answer is psychology. Even though customers look out for gimmicky marketing ads, they can’t help but watch because it plays with their brain. Of course, this only applies to the plans which are subtle and not glaringly obvious. But, if you can come up with something such as a perpetual closing down sale, the benefits are endless. Sports Direct in the UK did this and posted record profits even though it was “closing down soon.”

Bigger Is Better

Although subtlety works, so do going over the top and drawing people’s attention. Again, it’s a psychological thing because customers can’t help but look and watch in anticipation. A perfect example is this charity Tavern Tug in South Wisconsin. Frankly, the company wanted to save the historic bar from going bust and boom at the same time, but couldn’t find a solution. With time ticking down, they came up with something spectacular: they moved it to a new location. With experts in moving large structures to hand, they loaded up and dragged the tavern to its new home. Not only was the event a huge success, but people still talk about it to this day.

Essentials Go Last

Supermarkets are masters of marketing gimmicks because the entire store is structured to sell. One of the smarter ways they boost sales is by putting the essentials at the back of the store. Now, this seems like a terrible idea, but it’s a stroke of genius. Because milk, bread, water and the likes are non-negotiable, people will trek to their location. Let’s face it – there isn’t a choice. On the way, they pass less important goods which, hopefully, catch the eye and lead to a sale.

People Aren’t On Your Side

In the past, companies had the good fortune of being trusted. Nowadays, that no longer exists because millennials are behind the wheel. And, as they see themselves as players and not fans, they are skeptical of everything they observe. As a result, it’s vital that you don’t try and be their friend. After the crash, banks did this and it turned people’s stomachs, and the hatred still exists today. No, it has to be gimmicky without being obvious. For example, it might be witty and make people laugh.

One last thing businesses should remember is not to dismiss them out of hand as there is still a place for gimmicks in marketing.

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