How To Create a Relaxing Environment for your Staff Employees

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Creating a blend of a homely environment within a busy work schedule can actually increase productivity because they will be able to stay focused and feel less stressed. It starts with encouraging employees to clear up their work desks. Here are some tips on how to create a relaxing environment for your staff;

#1: Balance work environment with silence and background noise

Some people work better within a bustling and hustling environment because working in a quiet space can be boring, others prefer a quiet environment. As the employer, you need to monitor the level of activity around employees to ascertain whether silence or buzzing environment will motivate your employees to stay focus and become more productive. You may want to introduce a background music every 1- 2 hours so that employees wouldn’t get too distracted and at the same time too bored. If your premises have land available, then creating an area for staff to take a break is a good idea, especially with water features, as these are relaxing. It won’t break the bank either, click here to garner some inspiration.

#2: Encourage employees to personalize their workspace

When you don’t personalize your workspace you may become alienated or disconnected from your workspace. You can encourage employees to personalize their workspace by asking them to place familiar objects around them, in order to make them feel connected to their work and other employees. Employees can bring their picture frame or change their screensaver of their pets to create some personal touches.

#3: Sterilize the work environment

Sometimes, allergies are the reasons why some people lose concentration at work. There are some office computer keyboards harboring more bacteria than toilet environment. When there are quite a number of people working around your, germs may spread quickly and you can fall sick more frequently and that can cause a setback to productivity. Make sure you schedule some regular cleanup for employees work environment, make sure there are garbage cans near every workspace and all food crumbs, paper works and coffee spills must be cleaned after the day’s work.


#4: Open the windows, place plants within the office and encourage employees to use their favorite air fresheners.

Scientists have discovered a strong connection between scents and productivity, but different scents work for different people. If you are unsure of the emotional connections between scents and employees, it will make more sense to ask them to bring their favorite or air fresheners or simply buy such stuff for them. You may experiment with different fragrances and if you discover your employees respond positively to a certain smell, then you can go for the air freshener within the office environment. You can also go for a cheap bouquet of flowers that produces fresh and sweet smell thus making the office environment aesthetically appealing and attractive.

#5: Encourage brightness and lightning

Aside from opening windows and encouraging natural light into the work environment, employees can also become more productive through artificial lightning. Good natural lightning will produce positive effects on mood and behavior. Just like the natural lighting, a slight breeze into the work environment will also improve mood and boost productivity.

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